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My tweets - The Literary Exhibitionist
My tweets
  • Fri, 20:08: I need to stop blindly sampling Deli products left out in the kitchen. Half the time it's got either coffee or coconut
  • Fri, 21:55: RT @jseattle: Blade Runner 2017 https://t.co/gv1ka6w5Q7
  • Fri, 22:03: Hold on. Am I a replicant? https://t.co/LHfWI2CyHT
  • Fri, 22:24: RT @MattOswaltVA: Hollywood could take care of so many of its problems if they put this girl up at the Peninsula Hotel for a weekend taking…
  • Sat, 00:00: I always find it slightly jarring when I see mounted police. Horses are fucking big animals. Can you tell I did not grow up on a farm?
  • Sat, 02:00: 1998: “We live in strange times.” 2017: “Hold my beer.” 1998: “What?” 2017: “Hold my beer.” 1998: “What the fuck are you talking about?”
  • Sat, 06:00: They asked if I wanted to be in a Danielle sandwich. I’m open to new experiences! https://t.co/TIR3wo85Y6


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