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Volunteer Park Pride Festival, and other stuff - The Literary Exhibitionist
Volunteer Park Pride Festival, and other stuff

I guess I should start with Friday, lest I forget. That evening, right after work, was June Happy Hour with Laney -- at La Cocina Oaxaqueña, the place we keep coming back to for their delicious $5 Happy Hour Quesadillas Fritas. And their $5 Happy Hour margaritas. At least I had two of those drinks, anyway -- one meal and two margaritas is not bad at all. A lot of places make their Happy Hour drinks both smaller and weaker than their regular drinks, but not this place. I highly recommend it. I can't really speak to anything else on the menu though, as any time either Laney or I even consider trying something else, we just come back to the Quesadillas Fritas. They're crispy tortillas with cheese in them, along with lettuce leaves and a special sauce. They are so, so good.

Shobhit was unable to join us because he worked that evening. Laney and I still had a lovely time on our own, though. We even exchanged deep dark secrets, and in so doing kind of bonded in a way I don't think we ever quite had before. Laney fucked up her back maybe a week and a half ago trying to pick up a bag of kitty litter, and has been really struggling to recover from it; she managed kind of barely to walk to meet me on Friday. But yesterday she had to text me that she'll be unable to join me for today's Pride March. But, oh well; Shobhit will be with me this time, and Ivan even seems to be considering joining us for the rally, although Ivan seems pretty iffy, given how close the event is to when he usually just gets out of bed.

Anyway! Since Laney was unable to walk back home, she took the bus, and I caught the #10 with her. She got off on Broadway and I got off up on 15th by the Safeway. In my apparently slightly alcohol-compromised state, I went into Safeway and stupidly bought a doughnut. It sounded really good with salted caramel icing but it was actually not very good at all. I might have thrown it away if there had been any public garbage can on my walk home from there, but there wasn't. So I ate the whole thing, even though that in particular was not worth the calories.

Then I made myself a Fuzzy Navel at home. No wonder my weight was up yesterday morning. It's back down a pound and a half or so this morning though so I feel better. I watched a couple episodes of The Golden Girls but was sound asleep by the time Shobhit got home at 10:30 that night, just as he predicted.

But then I woke up fairly early yesterday morning, which gave me plenty of time to get ready for brunch with Shobhit. We wanted to use the second of our two 60% off Groupons for Absinthe Brasserie, so that's where we went. It was a nearly one-hour walk to that place, which is in Belltown on 1st and Battery. This time they had an actual brunch menu, at least (unlike when we went on Memorial Day), and they thus had more vegetarian options. The "veggie scramble" even came with veggie sausage patties! We just split the one dish, and each had a cocktail, largely at the waiter's urging. We opted for that instead of no cocktails and sharing two meals. The one plate had plenty of food on it as it was.

We were going to walk straight from there to the Volunteer Park Pride Festival, but wound up walking back home first when Evan messaged me that she and Elden were running late and would likely not be there until around 2:00. So Shobhit and I went home and watched Real Time with Bill Maher. I must say, while I fully recognize he is a flawed man, I remain a fan, and after last week's ill-advised joke in which he used the N word, I think he handled it this week rather well. There were moments when he got slightly more defensive than perhaps was necessary, but by and large he was very sincerely apologetic, and he had great guests who more than one of them called it a "teachable moment," and that struck me as a good thing.


So then we were off to the Volunteer Park Pride Festival, the 15 photos from which can be viewed on Flickr, complete with captions, by clicking the above photo. (An additional three of them begin the requisite separate "Random Hot Guys" photo set I do every Pride. I keep wondering if I'll get any such photos from today's event, which is the one LGBT event this month that is overtly political and more in line with the rest of the year's many protest marches than with Pride events per se.)

Evan and Elden got there first, as we didn't get there until about 2:10, but we found them pretty quickly. We then all strolled through all the vendor booths in the park, Shobhit grabbing whichever free things he could get. He did manage to get a very cool pair of sunglasses with a reddish tint to them, and red arms. They have a corporate logo on them like always but I can't remember which company it was, so, whatever.

I can't say this festival -- which I think maybe in the past was referred to more as just a "Pride Picnic"? -- was all that special, to be honest. It was like a smaller, tamer version of any festival usually associated with Pride events: a main stage with performers (none of whom were famous); a beer garden; a row of food trucks; maybe two dozen vendor booths. I did think it was kind of clever of Delta Dental to be handing out fairy wings, which Shobhit was all about getting. They even offered crafts to decorate the wings with, although Shobhit didn't do that, as he grabbed them quickly on our way to the food truck after getting drinks in the beer garden.

After spending a fair amount of time among the booths, we probably spent the most time in the beer garden. Evan and Elden wanted to get a drink and we all got in the long line. By the time we got to the front, I changed my mind about not getting a drink and got myself a rum and pineapple cocktail; Shobhit got a beer. And we all sat in the grass for a while, and that was where the above photo was taken.

Evan's friend Therese joined us while we were there. Ivan had said he would join us at the festival later, when we left, and he even messaged me to ask where we were while we were in the beer garden. I told him where we were but he never did join us. He told us later he went down there to check it out but wasn't there for very long, and indeed he was home again already by the time Shobhit and I returned.

Before we left, though, we did all go and get late lunches from the food trucks, and we sat in the shade of a nearby tree, having baked a bit too much under the sun in the beer garden. I got a quite delicious Caprese sandwich made with pretzel bread. Shobhit declared it too sweet and said it needed salt and pepper. Whatever! He's just fucking obsessed with salt and pepper. He had food at home he wanted to eat and so did not get anything at the park. I had gotten cash with the notion that eating something may be the most interesting thing to do at this event, and so I did get something to eat.

I'm glad I went and I had a good enough time while there, but it wasn't anything special. I'm not sure it'll be high on my priority list next year -- except to get an extra Pride photo set out of it, which sometimes really is its own motivator for me.

By the time we got back, there was slightly less than an hour before it was time for Ivan and me to head downtown to see the movie Shobhit was not interested in but we were: My Cousin Rachel, a period piece about a woman who may or may not be a murderer (and the movie never quite answers that question for sure). Even though I had discount tickets from Costco, and I even tried to use one, I wound up paying full price for this one, because the process of our ticket buying got all convoluted. First, Ivan went to a second cashier when I thought we'd be going to the same one. And when I told my cashier that we wanted two seats together she told me to go over to where Ivan was. And then, because Ivan had had his card swiped already, the only way the guy apparently could take my discount ticket was if he refunded Ivan first so he could then scan my ticket. He said the ticket has to be scanned first in order to do it this way, which made no sense to me at all -- he was even going to call the manager over. I didn't want to inconvenience Ivan and convolute the purchasing on his card for this, though, so I just said fuck it and paid for my ticket separately. I'm still mystified as to why it had to be so complicated though.

Ivan and I both found the movie to be kind of hard to follow at times, but we both still liked it okay. We then walked back home together, and proceeded to watch this week's The Handmaid's Tale, before I finally went to write the review, which I wanted to get done last night because I'll have another to write later today.

This officially gave Ivan eight points (so far) for the next Social Review, to be posted later this month -- he's long been secured at #3 in the rankings behind Shobhit and Laney, but that's another record number of points for him, after 7 points was already a record in the winter. I really hoped he would at least match the same number of points this time, so I'm weirdly thrilled that he's exceeded it now. He'll likely never have any hope of exceeding Laney but that doesn't bother me; Laney is where I want her to be anyway. The funniest thing, I suppose, is how Ivan himself couldn't possibly give a shit about this points system I use. If I were even to try talking to him about it, I'd bet money he'd literally get bored and start looking at his phone. But whatever! Tracking these things makes me happy.

So that gets us caught up through last night, when I was in bed close to midnight, quite a bit later than usual. Now to head into another day.

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