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Marching for Truth - The Literary Exhibitionist
Marching for Truth

Surprisingly busy day yesterday. The first part was on my own, both because Shobhit had a work shift and because no other friends (including Ivan, who was asleep until just before I left anyway) were either available or interested in joining me -- for the March for Truth, now the fourth anti-President Fuckwit protest I've gotten photos of. (It's only the third I truly participated in, however; I merely got photos of the March for Science during my Birth Week when Shobhit and I walked through it.) This March for Truth was, of the four, the one with lowest attendance, and I was actually a little concerned when I arrived at the posted start time of 10 a.m. and the crowd seemed pretty thin.

In the end, though, it was actually a pretty good turnout -- when the March itself finally got underway at about 11:30, I'd say the crowd stretched for a good two blocks. It was nothing like the tens of thousands at the Women's March in January, or even the thousands at the Tax March in April, but to be fair, a "March for Truth" is thematically vague, comparatively speaking, and therefore not as apt to provoke a visceral call to action. Still, I was available, the thing started all of two and a half blocks from my home (at Cal Anderson Park), and I felt it meant something just to be there to increase the crowd size, even if I had to go alone. And I'll keep going to these things as long as they keep happening.

I did inquire about volunteering at this one, by the way, but never did do it. The response asked for my phone number, and I don't care how worthy the cause is, I don't want any of these organizations to have my phone number on hand where it can get into the hands of plenty of other causes that will then hound me for help. No thanks. This is precisely why I use my Hotmail account for any email purchasing or registering. They seemed to have plenty of volunteers for the size of the crowd anyway. I probably would have been asked to do something like walk around asking people to sign up for this or that. My primary concern has been things like litter cleanup, and this march wasn't big enough to make that as big an issue as with the other marches.

In any case, I got 21 photos worth saving, and you can see them -- and read their captions -- on Flickr by clicking the photo above. I got some pretty good shots.

The route went from Cal Anderson Park down Pine Street through downtown to Fourth Avenue, where it turned and went up to Seattle Center -- congregating, unusually, in the grassy area near the Space Needle along Broad Street. I took one last photo of the crowd along with the Space Needle, and then went on my way. I went to Target to get a few things, including a Pride T-shirt that Stephanie texted me a photo of and got me all excited. It was one of their Pride T-shirts, with a rainbow cat in glasses and the caption GAY PURRIDE. Although Stephanie's photo showed the shirt in size small, all they had left when I got there was two Mediums. I often wear Mediums, but these were clearly on the large side and I much prefer getting the small. So I found it online, and discovered to my delight that Target allows you to purchase online and then take the option of having it shipped to the store instead of mailed directly to you, which eliminates the shipping charge. That was a relief because if I had it shipped to my home, the $12.99 cost went up to $20!

I was going to walk home, but changed my mind when I saw a bus was coming. I decided I'd done more than enough walking and hopped on a bus. Ivan was home when I arrived an he was very chatty; he even asked if I wanted to join him for the movie he was planning to see this weekend. In the end, we planned on doing three different things: 1) go to "First Caturday at Cal Anderson Park"; 2) bus to the U District to see the movie at Seven Gables Theatre; 3) get pho' for dinner at The Pho' on Broadway on our way back.

I knew Shobhit would have no interest in the documentary, but he might be interested in the cats at the park. But then Ivan said he saw photos on the Facebook event page and it didn't look like a whole lot was going on; he suggested leaving only a few minutes early to take a quick look on our way to the bus stop. After hearing about that, Shobhit decided not to join us for that. So, at 3:45 Ivan and I were off.

We walked through Cal Anderson Park, taking us all the way to the far end before we finally found the cats -- of which there were more than we expected. There must have been a dozen or more. I pet a couple of them. More of them than not were clearly uncomfortable with all the overstimulation. One young woman made the dipshit decision to let her cat, still on a leash, climb up into one of the trees. We walked over and saw a crowd of gawkers and a couple of people trying to help the girl get her cat -- which looked remarkably like Shanti as a kitten, right down to the two small gray dots on its head -- out of the tree. I joined the several people trying to get photos with their phones, and actually got a rather good shot.


There was another white kitten on the ground, itself with a single, larger gray spot on its head -- just like Guru had during his first year! Both Ivan and later Shobhit suggested maybe they were related to Guru and Shanti, which seems pretty unlikely to me given that Guru and Shanti came from a shelter in Moses Lake in 2008.

Soon enough Ivan and I walked to our bus stop, going all the way to the north end of Broadway since we had a few minutes. And then, once we got to the Seven Gables theatre in the U District, we saw Angkor Awakens: A Portrait of Cambodia. Ivan had even had a clipping of an article about it from the Seattle Times that he had me read when I had gotten home from Target, to see if I was interested in joining him. I had actually seen that it was playing and had opted not to see it; I'm not sure why it did not register that Ivan would have been guaranteed to want to go -- the book he recently read about the Khmer Rouge was the whole reason we went to the Cambodian restaurant about a month ago, after all. I had told him on Friday that it was slim pickings for regular movie releases this week, and I didn't expect to go to any more than the SIFF screening I have tonight. But, well, now I went to this documentary.

Which was all right. I gave it a solid B. Even Ivan said as we left the theatre that it kind of jumped around and lacked focus. But, it's got some very important historical information in it that people should know about, even if, as I say in the review, ninety minutes is insufficient for a truly adequate portrait of something so complex.

Shobhit did join us for dinner. We all had pho', although Ivan arrived several minutes earlier and chose to order as soon as we got there. Shobhit took probably 2/3 of his to go. Ivan wasn't nearly as chatty by this time and much of the dinner was spent with him either silently eating or looking at his phone, which he often does. He's more often less talkative anyway, though. No biggie.

Ivan went on his way himself when we were done, as Shobhit and I had a bit of shopping to do, at QFC, then Mud Bay, then Trader Joe's before returning home. Ivan wanted to watch this week's The Handmaid's Tale and so I did that instead of getting right to the movie review -- I knew I'd have plenty of time to write while both he and Shobhit were still asleep this morning anyway. So we watched that, and Ivan even stuck around in the living room while Shobhit and I watched this week's Real Time with Bill Maher, which he doesn't usually pay attention to. Then Shobhit and I did a bit of the New York Times crossword, but I got too tired and wasn't able to finish. I had to go to bed just after 11 or so.

I'm trying to remember now what Shobhit and I did on Friday evening. I think we just watched TV. A couple episodes of House of Cards -- which is getting better as the season goes on, though not yet by a wide margin -- and a few episodes of The Golden Girls.
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