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My tweets - The Literary Exhibitionist
My tweets
  • Fri, 8:23: It's decent. Too bad it couldn't be wonderful. Still: you should see it. https://t.co/AqW9jPv9Ib
  • Fri, 8:26: RT @ihatejoelkim: There's something immensely soothing about watching Robin Wright slaughter a bunch of proto-fascists while wearing statement jewelry.
  • Fri, 10:22: Congratulations to my mother, who officially becomes a senior citizen today! https://t.co/DmkU7uTMMY
  • Fri, 12:49: This is long (half an hour) but worth every minute. Kathy Griffin made what even I feel was a stupid mistake and she should have known better, but the double standard in regards to how she's being treated after what I honestly feel was a sincere apology is truly outrageous.

    That said, her chosen profession alone should make her understand how many would doubt her sincerity. I for one am giving her the benefit of the doubt, and I will absolutely support her the next time she performs in Seattle, because the way she's now being targeted is blatantly hypocritical bullshit. https://t.co/9VJ6ySrdWI

  • Fri, 15:07: Silver linings: President Fuckwit is "giving climate denial such a bad name that the opposite, namely climate activism, is receiving a real shot in the arm." https://t.co/6PtN42s0MT


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