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alien time killers - The Literary Exhibitionist
alien time killers

-- चार हजार और नब्बे-तीन --

Back to the movies last night, and to a movie I would have gone to see when it opened on May 19 were I able to: Alien: Covenant, which I quite enjoyed. This is a franchise now six movies in (eight if you count the stupid Alien vs. Predator movies, which I don't), and I continue to like all of them. Hey, I only just thought of this while writing this very paragraph; how about I rank them right now?

Best to worst:

Alien (1979)
Aliens (1986)
Prometheus (2012)
Alien Resurrection (1997)
Alien: Covenant (2017)
Alien 3 (1992)

I think I'm in the minority of people who would rank them thus, partlicularly making Resurrection even as high as #4 -- but I love how weird it is. Alien 3 will likely always be dead last, even though I still like it. And I surprise even myself by placing Covenant second to last, but that's hardly an insult to it when, as I said, I am a huge fan of the entire franchise. I do not dislike any one of these movies. And Covenant being as good as it is six movies in -- and 38 years after the release of the first film -- is quite an accomplishment, in my view.

Anyway, the showing we went to was at 6:00, so I didn't have a lot of time after biking home before it was time to leave again. Shobhit had gone to Costco on Tuesday and bought discounted Regal tickets, then dropped them off to me at work, so I could stop at the Meridian 16 on my bike ride home that day and buy his ticket, seated next to Laney and me. This was not difficult since Alien: Covenant had already been out a week and a half and very few of the seats had been pre-sold.

Theoretically I could have seen it on Thursday May 18, as that was the day before published release date, when movies always start playing anymore -- but Laney was unavailable, and we had agreed to see this together after she watched all the others in the series with me on DVD, and, more recently, we watched Prometheus (that happened just this last Sunday). On the actual day of May 19, I had other plans (the Dracula double feature with Evan and Elden), and then the rest of that weekend was Shobhit's and my trip to Idaho. We weren't both available on the same day to see it, after that, until last night.

Shobhit had joined us to watch Prometheus last Sunday, though, and he really enjoyed it, which piqued his interest in this new one. In fact, when it ended last night, the first thing I heard was him declaring, "I liked that movie."

He also made sandwiches for us to sneak into the theatre and eat on the little desk tables they have on their new reclining chairs. He used the free loaf of bread we got using the Chinook Book coupon at Essential Bakery last Saturday, and, although it was a tad heavy on the onions, it was quite tasty. I had it finished before the trailers were done playing.

We all caught the #10 bus tother up to John and Broadway, so Shobhit didn't have to pay for a Light Rail ticket -- I had met Laney after walking with Shobhit as far as Cal Anderson Park, but he walked the rest of the way, still getting to the theatre literally one minute after we got there. He was sure he might beat us. He was close. Anyway, Laney got off the bus going back at Broadway, and Shobhit and I stayed for one more stop, and then we walked to Old School Frozen Custard, because their flavor of the day was Banana Cream and I wanted it! With Rese's Peanut Butter Cup topping! One of my two favorites (the other being Chocolate Peanut Butter, with the same topping).

We walked the rest of the way home and I wrote my review. Then I got ready for bed.

-- चार हजार और नब्बे-तीन --


-- चार हजार और नब्बे-तीन --

I had a surprisingly interesting afternoon at work yesterday. When Scott arrived in the morning, he asked if I'd like to go on a little "field trip" with him and Noah to the West Seattle store, which was having its last day of business before closing for two years for site redevelopment. I knew the store was closing soon, but didn't know yesterday was the last day of business. Scott said they were told to go "look at the store," and evidently there wasn't much more direction beyond that.

So, right after I finished eating my lunch, we all got into Scott's car, and drove out to the West Seattle store. We were all kind of surprised to find the parking lot rather full. I guess even with the store shelves already mostly empty, customers were all about taking advantage of that "40% off everything in store" deal.

I wish I could have taken advantage of it myself. And I actually would have, had Shobhit not already gotten a bunch of cheese at Costco. There was a bunch of cheese still available in the deli cases. But buying any would have just resulted in a bunch of it going bad. Shobhit had a good point, though -- the per-ounce cost of the cheese he got at Costco was likely still cheaper than I would have gotten it here, at 55% off (the store discount plus my employee discount).

It was interesting to see which items were still on the shelf, though. The single shelf still full of our new Biotta brand vegetable juices didn't seem all that promising for that brand. Another shelf had something like ten bottles of one brand of pumpkin seed oil. In both cases, we're talking just these items in an aisle where literally 99% of the rest of the shelves were completely bare. Scott noted that in the case of the pumpkin seed oil it was just "bad shelf management," though -- those aren't ordered in case packs and come in eaches (meaning case packs of 1 unit), and for some reason they still ordered a dozen or so. Something like that likely has a really far-out expiration date, though.

Another one of the endcaps was empty except for clear pint containers of separated salad dressing. It looked disgusting. "That looks like a biology experiment," I said.

The one department with the most product still available was Deli. The service case still had lots of food, and so the crowd was rather thick over there.

It was kind of interesting to see the store in this state, looking somewhat like there had been a run on it in anticipation of a hurricane, only a year after the last time I was there -- I met Angela there during my Birth Week in 2016. She quit working there only a few months after that, I think; I've only been to the West Seattle store four or five times total.

Once West Seattle re-opens as the anchor tenant in the newly developed site in 2019, it will likely be the seventh store opening since I started working for PCC 15 years ago. Maybe the eighth, depending on when the hell the Madison Valley store finally gets underway.

How many operating stores have concurrently existed is another story, though. West Seattle will be the third time I've seen a new, bigger store replace an already existing store in the same area, rather than being in addition to: the first major store opening I saw was Fremont, in 2003, when it moved one block to the west as part of a new apartment building. The same thing happened with Columbia City in 2015, when it replaced the Seward Park store. West Seattle's the first one that has had to leave the area completely while the site is redeveloped, though. Most of the store staff is being absorbed into other stores. As of yesterday, we've gone from 11 stores back down to 10. By the time West Seattle opens again, it should actually become the twelfth store -- thirteenth, if Madison Valley happens before then -- given the expectation that we'll have a new store open in Burien in 2018.

So. When I was hired in 2002, we had seven stores. That didn't change with the relocation of Fremont in 2003, as the old location closed. We opened store #8 with Redmond in 2006; #9 with Edmonds in 2008; and then a record break before opening #10 six years later in Greenlake Village in 2014. But since Greenlake Village, we have adopted a much more aggressive expansion strategy, Columbia City replacing Seward Park in 2015; store #11 at Bothell in 2016, now back down to #10 with West Seattle closed temporarily; and back to 11 likely with Burien in 2018. If Madison Valley opens and West Seattle re-opens in 2019, we'll then have 13 stores. Are you following this? I'm barely able to.

Anyway. I didn't guy anything yesterday. Scott did decide he preferred to get something for lunch at the deli over at Metropolitan Market, though, and that was the first store I found that carried LaCroix 12-packs, which made my day: a broker had sent me coupons for free product for either 8pks or 12pks, and I could only find 8pks anywhere. Not anymore! So I lugged that back to the office with me.

My workload is rather light this week so going on that little couple-hour excursion really helped kill some time.

-- चार हजार और नब्बे-तीन --



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