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pleasant sunday, sandwich and beach - The Literary Exhibitionist
pleasant sunday, sandwich and beach

It got up into the low eighties yesterday -- really quite warm for Seattle in May; our normal high this time of year is 67°. It was just too warm in the condo yesterday and I was feeling stuffy and antsy and didn't want to be cooped up inside all afternoon, so I suggested to Shobhit that we go down to Madison Park Beach, as even he had mentioned earlier maybe we could do.

We only spent about an hour there, lounging on our folding tote blanket and reading our respective library books, but it was enough, and it didn't feel quite as stuffy once we got back. Shobhit's insistence on keeping the blinds drawn probably did help. Anyway, while we were there it did occurred to me that we might very well do this kind of stuff more often than we ever used to in Seattle, given how often we used to go to beaches for about half the year in Los Angeles. Santa Monica Beach, one of the ones we went to most often, was all of eight miles direct down Santa Monica Blvd to the west from his place in West Hollywood. It's not like it would take much more for us to go to local Seattle beaches -- albeit once that are not on any actual ocean, but you take what you can get -- Madison Park Beach, for instance, is only 2.3 miles fro home, and thus actually far easier to get to.

All that time in L.A., I think, did alter even my perception of geographical scale. I spent years thinking of West Seattle as far less accessible, but in an actual car at least, even Alki Beach is eight miles away, and honestly probably faster to get to than Santa Monica (indeed: 20 minutes to Alki and half an hour to Santa Monica from West Hollywood). And then there's Howell Park, with the tiny but very secluded clothing-optional beach, Shobhit keeps talking about wanting to go to; that one is actually the closest -- 1.7 miles due east from home, straight to Lake Washington. That park is about a mile and a half south of Madison Beach Park. With all these options, I do think I want to spend more time going to such places around Seattle on warm days, and maybe even swim. After all, on Lake Washington I don't have to be terrified by the prospect of an undertow, which I often was at L.A. beaches.

As an aside, see the tall building behind us in the photo above? That happens to be where Ivan works. He was there when I took the picture. It just happens to be right by one of the most popular lakefront city park spots in the city. I hadn't gone there to hang out in some time, though. I have no idea if it's actually been that long, but the last actual photo I have from it is when we took Becca swimming there -- eleven years ago! -- in 2006. Anyway, that's the building I had so hoped to come see the view from the top of during my Birth Week, but Ivan was too busy at work to want to deal with it so it never happened. He doesn't particularly like his job there so I've pretty much given hope on that happening. I sure would love it, but I guess it's not the end of the world.

We packed up after about an hour, drove home via quick stops at Trader Joe's and Central Co-op, and then spent a fair amount of time chopping vegetables for a fried rice dinner, which we ate while catching up on some television.

Before that, we had watched my Netflix Blu-Ray copy of Prometheus in the Braeburn Condos theatre downstairs and in the west building. We all quite enjoyed it, even though we all still agreed it was flawed. I forgot it's been a full five years since that movie came out; I saw it twice, a week apart, in June 2012 but had not seen it again since. Shobhit was convinced that he had never seen it, but I looked it up and had to tell him he was the one I saw it with; I see now it was at Pacific Theatres at The Grove, in Los Angeles. Shobhit had no memory of it, but watching it now did pique his interest in Alien: Covenant, which Laney and I are seeing on Wednesday. But, we already got our tickets.

Before that, Shobhit and I had walked together down Madison to Madison Valley -- about half the distance to Madison Park, and very close to where I worked for the Seattle Gay Standard from 2000 to 2001 -- to split a sandwich for lunch at Essential Bakery, and also get the free loaf of bread via the Chinook Book coupon in the app. Shobhit never wants to miss out on that loaf of bread.

When we walked back, we stopped at the 7-11 on Pine and Madison for Shobhit to do his lottery ticket bullshit, and when we came out, Ivan was standing at the bus stop waiting to go to work for an extra shift he was picking up. I didn't even notice him until I was across the street but Shobhit pointed him out. We just waved at each other, but then I hollered across the street, "Have a good day!" Shobhit just told me while I was writing this entry that when Ivan got home from work last night, he asked where we had been coming back from, and when Shobhit told him he said if we had said something he would have joined us. Odd, since a) he seemed almost melancholy yesterday morning; and b) after we had all finished watching this week's episode of The Handmaid's Tale, he had shut himself in his room. But, maybe he'll come to brunch with us today. Hard to say as his mood for such things can change pretty easily.

At any rate, I had a generally pleasant Sunday with Shobhit yesterday, and will likely have a pleasant Monday too. The office is closed today so I'm not working. Nancy was telling us at that Luau party on Friday that certain payroll people still have to work today, but they get to take holiday pay for another day of their choosing, I guess. That seems fair. I'm honestly fairly indifferent to whether or not I work today, especially since I haven't gone out of town or anything, but I get holiday pay that I can't use on another day, so it would be dumb to go to work if I don't have to. Shobhit likes getting the extra time with me.
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