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Happy Hours - The Literary Exhibitionist
Happy Hours

When Shobhit and I had my Birth Week lunch with Stephanie G at Fare Start, I can't remember how it came up, but she told us about how Lowell's at Pike Place Market has seating in its bar that directly overlooks the market crowd. I thought that sounded very cool, and although I had eaten at Lowell's many times, it has only ever been either on the first floor or the third floor; the middle floor was the bar and I had never gone in there. I decided it was time, and Laney agreed to make that our May Happy Hour location.

The expectation for a while was that Shobhit would be joining us, but he later had second thoughts about it because he didn't want to spend the money. Then the point was nearly moot, because there was a lady he was meeting in Redmond about a potential money making prospect that I don't know how to explain, and they were to be meeting until 5:30. They must have finished earlier than expected, because he texted me at 5:43 that he was at home. He then asked me about their Happy Hour options, but when I told him they had $7 cocktails but no happy hour food, he stopped inquiring. It seemed for a moment that he may change his mind and join us after all, but he never did.

Sometimes I like getting one-on-one time with friends anyway. The drinks were decent. I didn't have any food because I was still full from the fairly large and late lunch at work, but Laney did have the fish and chips and I ate several of her fries with tartar sauce. We chatted about all sorts of things, as always, and in the end, just like my lunch with Karen on Thursday yielding my Birth Week theme idea for 2019 (maritime activities), Laney came up with a suggestion for 2020: cornball Seattle tourist activities, of the sort a typical tourist might do when visiting Seattle for the first time. I love it!

When we finished there, we walked together further into the heart of downtown and to the Meridian to buy advance tickets to the movies we had planned to see this coming week: Alien Covenant on Wednesday at 6pm and Wonder Woman on Thursday at eight. The impetus was to get the opening-night tickets of Wonder Woman in advance, and we were sure glad we did: shows were already almost sold out for that night. The one frustrating thing was that the only 7pm screening was the so-called "4D," in which the seats move and vibrate and shit, which neither of us thought would be worth $25 per person. To my surprise, they did have a 5pm showing -- usually shows the night before the published opening date don't begin until 7:00 -- but because of the short week, Laney knew it would be difficult to get out of work and downtown by 5. So, we went with the 8pm show, and even there we had maybe 20 seats left open to choose from, only one row with two seats together that were not too close to the screen. So, we went with that. And then we took Light Rail back up the hill.

I have five movies to see over the next week three of them SIFF films -- but at least at this point they are all pre-paid for. And I'm seeing six if you count watching Prometheus in the Braeburn Condos theatre with Laney tomorrow afternoon to bone up before seeing Alien Covenant on Wednesday. In addition to those, though, I have two SIFF movies today alone; the third SIFF movie on Monday night; and then Wonder Woman on Thursday. It's just going to be movies, movies, movies this week.

I was kind of surprised how the two cocktails at Lowell's didn't do much to me, and yet I got a slight buzz going from the two 12oz hard ciders I had at work at the "Luau" in the afternoon. I really didn't expect that, after reading on the cans that they were only 6.75% alcohol, or something like that.

Let's see, who did I hang out with at that lunch? Oh, I first sat down to eat next to Sara W and we caught up a bit. I later needed to move out of the sun, out there on the deck, and to one of the tables with an open umbrella on it that provided some shade. Chris S was sitting there and I just said, "I'm going to sit with you." And even though he's worked at PCC only a few years less than I have, we proceeded to have the first genuine conversation -- about something other than work -- that we'd ever had. We got to talking about movies and TV shows, naturally. Eventually both David and Andrew from IT (I just had to consult the sent file of my work email on my phone to recall both their names, because even though I see their names in email regularly, I constantly forget both their names for some reason) came and joined us, and joined the conversation.

I sat at that table longer than most, so the group kind of evolved around me. Eventually Marie, also from IT, came and joined in and the conversation turned slightly depressingly to politics; she stayed longer than Chris, Andrew and Dave, who were eventually replaced by Chris J (we have three people named Chris in our office), Nancy, Lori, and Mary. With them, the conversation turned for quite some time to cats.

It was Andrew who told me there was a berry flavored hard cider just inside the door nearest to us, after I said I didn't much care for the one I was drinking but felt obligated to partake if work is going to provide free booze, and that door opened just into the lounge area where there was karaoke going on. Chris S had joked that maybe I would do karaoke if I had enough drinks (and although I have to date never done karaoke, I have long felt that might very well be true), and when I walked in the door, both Terry and Arvin shoved their microphones into my face in the middle of "Hey Jude." I just laughed, but realized while looking for the drink at that table there that, actually, that was one song I really could have sung quite easily.

I had plenty to eat at that thing, and was delighted to find out that they weren't just serving PCC sausages, but also Field Roast veggie ones! So, I was able to have a regular hot dog in a bun, in addition to my macaroni salad and too-dry coleslaw and potato chips. And, later, cup of Alden's Ice Cream -- they had their truck parked in our building's garage and had reps serving it in our kitchen. The whole event was very well planned out, coordinated, and executed. I look forward to there being more like it.

And I was certainly glad I waited instead of having the lunch I originally planned to have at noon as usual. It was late and filling enough that I never did bother with dinner, which was just as well; I was up 0.2 lbs this morning (to 145.5) and after all that drinking and such, I'm considering it a win that I wasn't up even more.

I almost stayed longer at the luau party and then just rode my bike to meet Laney directly at Lowell's, but then I realized that defeated the purposes of getting exercise in the afternoon after work. So, I still rode home, and it was better not to have my bike to contend with when coming home with Laney later anyway. I then met Laney at Light Rail.

Now, though, I guess it's time for me to go take my shower. But first, here's a picture of the elevator bank we walked into yesterday morning, the first clue as to what the day would be like:


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