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beverly hills what / weather - The Literary Exhibitionist
beverly hills what / weather

-- चार हजार और अस्सी-पाँच --

Shobhit and I watched Beverly Hills Cop last night. I checked the DVD out of the library because someone on a podcast I listen to insisted that "It holds up!" and I hadn't watched it in ages.

Guess what? It doesn't hold up. Shobhit said early on that it was kind of boring; honestly, he wasn't terribly wrong. He later remarked more than once that it was stupid. He wasn't entirely wrong. He asked me what grade I'd give it now, and I had a hard time saying.

I'd say the movie is still good -- or, at least, fine -- in the context of 1984. Hindsight can change a lot. In 1984, it worked. I was astonished that Eddie Murphy was only 23 in that movie. In what world would any cop be considered a "great detective" at that age? In the world of 1984, I guess. Also, a movie like that made today would be massively influenced by all sorts of political factors, and also political correctness factors. I was kind of struck by how the character was unfazed by, say, the obviously gay waiter who gives him a bunch of bananas when he just asks for a few. And then, later, Foley impersonates a gay guy to gain entry into a restaurant where the villain is eating, making clearly inferring that he may have caught an STD from him. Maybe I'm just being naïve, but although it was certainly played for laughs, it honestly didn't come across as all that homophobic to me. Granted, 1984 audiences likely laughed at it as though it were.

By today's standards, though, the original Beverly Hills Cop is neither all that funny nor all that exciting -- and it's supposed to be an action comedy. It clearly fancies itself a fun sort of adventure, but it absolutely lacks even a modicum of depth. Eddie Murphy is by far the best thing about it, and he did give a charming performance, although by all accounts that was largely due to many takes and a lot of editing. But whatever, what's onscreen is still onscreen.

Shobhit was surprised it was so successful. "Was this a big hit?" he asked. "It was a huge hit," I said. Excluding the Shrek franchise, it remains Eddie Murphy's most successful film to date -- and that's without adjusting for inflation! Adjusted for inflation, Beverly Hills Cop ranks #43 on the all-time domestic box office list, above Shrek (#117) and Shrek The Third (#118) but below Shrek 2 (#35), making Beverly Hills Cop in terms of ticket sales his second biggest hit, and his biggest live action hit by far, at least in the United States. To put it in terms Shobhit can perhaps best understand, Beverly Hills Cop had a domestic box office of $593.6 million in 2017 dollars, which is more than last year's #1 movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, earned ($532 million, in 2016 -- although to be fair that had only two weeks to make that much before the year ended; perhaps a fairer comparison would be the June 2015 release Jurassic World, which earned $652 million that year). In any case, this gives a sense of just how huge Beverly Hills Cop really was. And looking at it now, it's a little mystifying how that could possibly be -- but it was.

And now that I've actually spent a lot of time in and around Beverly Hills, a lot of it came across as preposterous in ways only people familiar with the area would know, such as the police chief ordering that Foley be driven "out of town" to "the city limits" -- Beverly Hills is literally surrounded on three sides by the exponentially larger city of Los Angeles, bordered to the west by West Hollywood, itself surrounded on three sides by Los Angeles. Which "city limits" does he mean? That of Beverly Hills, which covers all of 5.7 square miles? Or that of Los Angeles, which has one of the largest city limit areas in the country, which covers around 500 square miles? In all likelihood we're supposed to assume the former, except that if you know L.A. area geography at all, it makes no sense. And then there's the way the Beverly Hills Police Department is portrayed as though they never deal with crime and they do everything "by the book" and are all completely polite, even to a black cop from Detroit sniffing around their town. Uh huh.

Anyway, there was too long a wait for the movie on Netflix, which was why I reserved it at the library, and there I could only get it in a DVD 3-pack that included 1987's Beverly Hills Cop II and 1994's Beverly Hills Cop III. I never had any intention of watching the sequels, and had even less desire to do so after watching the original.

Although the two movies are very different, they do come from the same era: I'm lumping Beverly Hills Cop in with Goonies as movies that worked very well in their time but have not aged well. These are the kinds of movies people just think are still good because of how much they remember loving them at the time, but they are mistaken. The same applies to A Christmas Story, which is nowhere near as great as people always insist it is. It's an okay movie, nothing more, and sure as shit not a "classic."

-- चार हजार और अस्सी-पाँच --


-- चार हजार और अस्सी-पाँच --

Check this out: the weather yesterday was so warm, I rode my bike home without my jacket on, but rather stuffed into my shoulder bag. We hit 74°F, the warmest day of the year thus far, and we're expected to be roughly the same today. Apparently we haven't had two consecutive days over 70° since late September, 220 days ago.

It's meant really quite pleasant weather both yesterday afternoon and evening and this morning and afternoon. But it's not likely to appease the people still constantly complaining about the rain: it was wet yesterday morning, and thunderstorms are expected this evening. (I take such expectations with a grain of salt; "thunderstorms" in Seattle tend to turn out as great big nothings. But, it will probably rain.) According to the National Weather Service Twitter account, yesterday was day 151 of rain since October 1, tying the record for the most rainy days between October 1 and May 31. And we're merely at the beginning of May.

I still don't give a shit. People bitch and whine and moan and complain about this, but I like a nice day as much as the next person, yet I don't declare a day ruined just because part of it included rain. I loved riding home yesterday in the pleasantly warm, mostly sunny weather. The view out the windows at work right now is truly beautiful. But I also like it fine when it's raining, and often find that beautiful as well.

I did keep checking the weather forecast both last night and this morning, to see if the chances of rain starting as early as 5pm would move back, and make me feel more comfortable riding my bike again. But, nope. It may still not rain on my way home this afternoon, but I still took the bus downtown this morning and carried my umbrella. If it stays dry and I have to walk, at least then I'll have more time to read my library book.

-- चार हजार और अस्सी-पाँच --


P.S. LiveJournal now automatically adding tags to posts whenever I use the pound sign -- even if I'm just referring to numbers, as I did in this entry, and then not allowing me any way to remove them -- is super fucking annoying. God damned Russians!

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