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Birth Week 2017, Day Four - The Literary Exhibitionist
Birth Week 2017, Day Four

Yesterday's lunch meeting for my Birth Week was with Sara from work -- the first of two people from work I made plans to get together with this week. We didn't meet until 1:45, at Boat Street Cafe, because I had my dental cleaning at 12:15.

Shobhit dropped me off there, nearly half an hour early, after we left to do a bit of shopping at both QFC and then at the Asian grocery store in the International District. Supplies for the dinner party on Saturday, which now has Gina and Beth confirmed coming up from Olympia -- that means at least 12 people likely to be there now, which is pushing the boundaries of too many. But whatever! They're all people I care deeply about.

And guess what? I have to go back to the dentist next week, because I have a fucking cavity! Maybe I've been eating too much chocolate at work. Or maybe I don't get my teeth as clean now that after the last three times I was there they said not to press too hard because of the recessions of my gums. I kind of can't win. Also, they had openings for me to come back for the filling this week, but they cut too close to other things I already had scheduled. So, I'll just have to leave work a 3:00 next Tuesday.

I had a late-ish breakfast of a bowl of cereal this morning, since I knew lunch would be late -- and even that I kept light: I just had a cup of tomato bisque with bread, and also took four bites of the delicious almond bread pudding Sara ordered. She insisted on covering the whole check. People think I do this Birth Week thing just to get people to pay for my meals. I swear I don't! And for the record, I paid for Shobhit's and my dinner last night. And okay, yes, it was after Laney specified that she would love to buy my Birth Week dinner but couldn't afford it because she just bought a new printer, but I was going to pay for Shobhit and me anyway!

I digress.

Lunch with Sara was just as pleasant as could be expected. This was both our first time at Boat Street Cafe, which apparently has a reputation as a great place, but they have a limited menu overall and thus very few options for me. But, at least their tomato bisque was not made with any kind of meat stock. And it really was quite creamy and tasty. It was quite dead in there -- just one other table with someone at it -- but, it was later than regular lunch time.

I can't remember everything we talked about. Although we did talk a little about knowing people with Aspergers -- we kind of compare notes between Ivan and her recently-ex husband Tim, sometimes. That just came up this time when telling her about everything I've done and everything that is still planned for my Birth Week. I'd say that that, overall, took up most of our conversation.

From there I started walking back home -- and then realized I had left my umbrella at the dentist's. I really love this umbrella (it's clear with purple and white stars on it) so I called them to ask about it. When they said they didn't see it, I decided I would still walk down there and check for myself. And sure enough, there it was -- in their defense, in the sort-of nook I had been sitting it, kind of putting it out of sight. I was just glad to get it back. I never even needed that damned umbrella today: the forecast this morning had rain coming in the afternoon and evening, and then it was partly sunny all day.

I caught Light Rail after that, up to Capitol Hill, and walked the half mile home from the station. I had about ninety minutes to kill, and for some reason I was tired so I actually lay down and managed a nap that lasted about half an hour.


Then, for dinner, Shobhit and I walked over to Rhein Haus on 12th Avenue to meet with Laney for this month's Happy Hour, placed deliberately during my Birth Week. I had wanted to make that our next Happy Hour location because I wanted another one of their veggie burgers. Shobhit and I split an order of that as well as the pretzel bites.

They have $4 beers for Happy Hour so Laney and Shobhit each had two. They had no cocktails so I got one at full price, $12. It was called a Pineapple Express and I was a little leery of it because it was described as "beer like" and also had gin as its main alcohol -- but it turned out to be fairly tasty.

Shobhit turned much of the dinner conversation overtly political, as usual. It wasn't too bad, though.

After we finished with dinner, somehow Seattle University came up in conversation. Maybe because Shobhit asked about one of the buildings across the street. Laney mentioned a chapel on campus with a cool rock sculpture in it, and, wanting more photos for the day's photo set, I suggested we walk over there and check it out. And so we did. And indeed, that little jaunt added five shots to my photo set so it went up to 20 instead of just 15. And I felt better having made it to the completely arbitrary threshold of 20 photos that I like my photo sets to be at the very least, if I can.

Then we walked with her back to her car and she drove us home. I wrote this entry last night so it would be ready to post this morning quickly so I could get down to meet Auntie Rose on the 8:30 ferry.

As always, click on the images in this entry to be taken to the full photo set on Flickr.


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