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Birth Week 2017, Day Three: MOHAI - The Literary Exhibitionist
Birth Week 2017, Day Three: MOHAI

What better time than my Birth Week to be reminded that time goes by way too fucking quickly? It seems I never stopped thinking of the Naval Reserve Armory Building on South Lake Union as its "new location" -- but it's been there now for more than four years; it had its grand re-opening there at the end of December in 2012. Before yesterday, I had been to this new location once before, when Shauna and I went barely more than a month after it opened, in early February 2013. I could have sworn it was more recent than that.

I was still in my mid-thirties!

Anyone starting high school that year would be graduating this year.

Then imagine how it'll feel for me to read this another four years from now. Or four or five years after that. And so on, and so on . . .

Anyway! I guess it's still quite new at that location relative to its entire history, given that the museum was established in 1952. I did go to its Montlake location a couple of times over the years. It was never as impressive a meseum as it has been since moving to South Lake Union, where they have far more open space. Come to think of it, I might even consider it my favorite museum in Seattle. I have to admit it definitely resonates for locals with feelings of nostalgia more than it possibly could for tourists from outside of the area.

Sherri had never been, and she had talked about coming up to see it while they were here for the New Year. Dad ultimately proposed substituting that idea for the traditional Birth Week Bike Ride since the weather was nearly guaranteed this year not to be conducive to it. That prediction bore out -- there was no downpour yesterday, but it was cool and wet enough to make a bike ride far less pleasant. This was something we could all do together, indoors.

I guess Sherri was so intent on coming to MOHAI that even after she woke up with some pressing pains on her chest, making her wonder if maybe she was having a heart attack, after Dad asked if she needed to cancel their day trip to Seattle, Sherri said, "I'm not missing MOHAI!" I mean, they could have postponed it. But of course I'm still really happy they made it. How well Sherri was doing did seem to kind of ebb and flow, particularly by the afternoon after lunch, but for the most part she seemed fine.

Evidently now the kind of early birds that become typical of the elderly, Dad had suggested we meet them at MOHAI when the museum opened at 10 a.m. I got up yesterday around 7:00, giving myself just enough time to write the Birth Week entry about Saturday, and then had just over an hour to shower and get ready, eat half the bagel and egg sandwich Shobhit made for us to split, and walk down to South Lake Union, with a pit stop at Starbucks. I did add a few minutes by nearly forgetting the four passes I got from PCC -- I had left them on the kitchen counter, and thankfully we were still on our block when I realized I needed to go back and get them. PCC is one of the sponsors of the current temporary exhibit, "Edible City: A Delicious Journey," and that's how we had the guest passes available to check out at work. (Sara had several more than just the four I needed.) They even had stuff about the history of PCC in there, and a posted recipe for PCC Emerald City Salad, which Sherri posed next to.


Dad, Sherri and Shobhit all went into that exhibit ahead of me, but when I walked in only Dad and Sherri were sitting on a bench watching an introductory video. Sherri said Shobhit had gone ahead in search of the samples he assumed must have been in there since it was all about food. Joke's on him! I explained to him a few minutes later that this was a museum, not a food production facility.

We were there long enough for Shobhit to get antsy -- upwards of three hours. I had to say, "Well, it's not about you." Something people usually have to say to me. (There he goes, stealing my limelight!) Soon enough, though, we all went over to the Buca di Beppo half a block away to get lunch. I thought I would eventually get our cute, young, gay waiter to take a picture of us all but I never got around to it. I always get at least one picture of the decor at Buca di Beppo though, so I got a shot of a woman's huge melons.

After lunch we all went back over to MOHAI so Dad and Sherri could use the restroom, and we were in there for a few more minutes -- long enough to take the elevator back up to the fourth floor landing at which I took the group selfie at the top of this entry, with the huge main floor and area seen behind us. That's the old Rainier Beer "R" logo seeming to be resting on top of Dad's head. Sherri had earlier suggested we take this ice cream boat tour being advertised on a sandwich board outside, but after lunch she had a change of heart, apparently too full from the food, and they opted instead to head back home. They did give us a ride back home first, though. And Dad gave me this year's birthday card:



I always love cards from Dad because, as I say every year, he's very careful about choosing them so they say something he really feels. I probably value cards from him more than from anyone else for this very reason.

There was no money in it this time, which is honestly completely appropriate at this point. I even only mention it because they actually brought it up when we were down in Olympia for Easter, that one of the decisions they made along with being mostly retired is to stop putting money in birthday cards. God knows, I've had no particular need for it in many years. And they have too many grandchildren and great grandchildren to set any continued expectations that might increasingly drain their wallets. As four the four of us kids, everyone one of us is now in our forties (Angel, in two and a half years, will be fifty) -- and if we aren't taking care of ourselves by now, well, we should be.

Anyway, Shobhit read the card and laughed like it was a joke, and I was like, huh? Only a loving son like you could show such thoughtfulness and caring... -- to him, that implied, As opposed to the other son. But I knew that was not at all part of Dad's thinking when he chose the card. I mean, shit. Regardless of context, only a son like me could be a son like me of any kind, really. I'm not like anyone, let alone any of my other siblings.

So we were dropped off at our building, and I spent the rest of the evening at home, mostly watching TV with Shobhit while Ivan watched something on his laptop with headphones while sitting on the love seat. I had hoped to maybe get together with Gabriel, and I'm increasingly getting the feeling that I may not get together with him for my Birth Week this year. It's still early in the week so so I'm not giving up hope.

I've got a lot more time on my hands this morning than I did yesterday or Saturday mornings, which seems slightly ironic given those were weekend days and today is Monday. But, this is why I take the whole week off of work! First order of business today isn't even that fun: dental checkup at 12:15. Oh wait -- I guess Shobhit and I may go to the Indian grocery store this morning. Then I have dessert scheduled with Sara from work mid-afternoon, and Happy Hour with Laney early this evening. That's the agenda for today.

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