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awakward party / tax march - The Literary Exhibitionist
awakward party / tax march
So I said Cavin's birthday party last night might be interesting, and I was right -- although not quite in the way I might have expected. Neither was it a good or bad way per se; just different. I did come to a key realization, that in a somewhat surprising way made me feel better about how little contact I have had with him since 2010: Charlie and I really have nothing in common anymore. I guess I don't have much reason to be bummed that we never hang out when there's just not much reason for it any longer.

Laney was also invited, by the way, and she did not make it. It occurred to me that if she had, she would have been the only woman there. I'd say maybe around 20 guests were there total during the less than two hours we stuck around ourselves, and all of them were gay men. And most of them were, curiously, of a similar personality type, at least on first glance. Heavily into video games -- "gaymers" -- and one guy with whom Charlie is involved in super-fandom of a Japanese girl band called Perfume.

There is a lot of changes over the past few years of not seeing much of them that have happened with Charlie and Cavin, most of which does not have enough relevance for it to be kosher for me to share it here. Suffice it to say that this other guy, David, had been living with them, and he came with Cavin that day the two of them came to my movie night in May 2013. Charlie was unable to make it that day, which was ironic because he had been the one to respond to my Facebook Event that I had created for it that he was coming -- even though I hadn't even put him on the invite list. But, I still just kind of thought, Oh. Okay. But then Charlie didn't even come, which is why last night was the first time I'd seen him since doing that Ride the Ducks tour in December 2010.

I didn't even realize until we got there that the party was actually at David's place -- he now has his own place. It was similar enough, at least from the outside, to Charlie and Cavin's condo that we went to a housewarming party at that I was thinking at first that it was the same place. But then we went inside, and it looked quite different -- fairly small spaces in each room, but three levels. I might not have taken it upon myself to be so comfortable and walk up the stairs to check out the kitchen had I realized I had not already been to this place before, and it was when I did that and asked Cavin if it was the same place that I was told it was David's place.

David created the Facebook event for this party, and invited a bunch of people. Cavin added Shobhit and me to the invite list. Shobhit feels that Charlie isn't overtly fond of him but Cavin likes him. That may or may not be true, I don't really know. All I know is that Charlie was not there yet when we arrived, and when he did arrive a few minutes later, he marveled at how long it had been and gave us both hugs, but there never did come an opportunity to feel like we truly reconnected.

In fact, Charlie is so much into games now -- on this night, at least, The Legend of Zelda -- that, although we engaged in a bit of small talk a few times, most of our time there Charlie sat with two other friends, all of them engaged on their gaming devices. Cavin made a little more of an effort, particularly after Shobhit and I kind of retreated into ourselves in a similar way, and took to the New York Times crossword puzzle app on his phone. Cavin even helped us a little, or at least tried to, on a few of the clues.

I did make the three packets of cookie mix that I had samples of from work, and we just brought the sugar cookies one with the icing with sprinkles. They were the first batch we did and thus not quite as perfectly shaped -- but they sure were still tasty. A couple of people even complimented them.

But, by the time 10:00 rolled around, we were ready to go. Everyone else was mingling with everyone else, in conversations we had nothing to contribute to. So I put the leftover cookies in a paper plate to leave there, and grabbed our wicker plates to take back home, and we left. People posted videos of dancing at the party on its Facebook event page later in the evening, so I guess it got more exciting after we left. At one point Charlie and his friend -- Ray? -- did choreographed dances to Perfume.

We came home, and worked more on the crossword puzzle. Ivan came home a little later than normal, and I was still nursing a cocktail so I was still up. We chatted with him for a while about his crappy week and then I went to bed.


So that brings us to this morning and afternoon, during which, somewhat to my surprise, Shobhit actually joined me for the Tax March -- the protest that demands President Fuckwit release his tax returns. I suspect part of his motivation was just to get a Social Review point -- whatever works, I guess -- but he also seems to think it's a worthwhile thing to fight for.

The kind of amusing, and certainly different, thing about this march was that the crowd -- very much including Shobhit -- felt that the rally preceding it was too speech-heavy. The march was supposed to start at 11:00, after the rally began when we arrived at 10:00 (and we walked down there, to the Federal Building where our local IRS offices are), but they were still doing speeches at 11:30. People actually started chanting: "March! March! March!" Shobhit even joined in. And finally, the crowd just took it upon themselves to start.

We went up Madison to Fourth and from there up to Seattle Center. Organizers, after several blocks, had to cut through the crowd, along with a marching band, to the front. We had police escorts and they just went ahead of us when we started, rather than stopping us, although we did get stopped a couple of times just for traffic. Anyway, you can click the above image to be taken to the full photo set, and there is one video showing that marching band making their way to the front. Shobhit and I had already positioned ourselves at the rally to wind up being at the front of the march, having learned our lesson from the Women's March, which had us stuck for an hour before that park even emptied out.

This march was far smaller, of course, but big enough -- especially with coordinated marches in many other cities. It should still gain media attention to annoy President Fuckwit, and that's a step in the right direction. Once we got to Seattle Center, though, we decided we had done enough of our part. It was important to me to add to crowd numbers, but in my mind that counts the most in the march itself, not at rallies. So, once I got a couple pictures at Seattle Center, we were off.

We walked to Seattle Center. On the way I got a call from Nikki that she and TJ were on their way to Olympia and broke down in Bellevue. We weren't sure how we could help, but ultimately decided we'd drive them down to Olympia tonight if they ran out of other options. Last I heard now, they were at a dealership in Renton, so I suspect now it's not going to come to that. In the meantime, Shobhit and I went to Japonessa for a light Happy Hour (all day there until 6pm!) sushi lunch. We walked home, and here I am, having processed the photos from the day but not yet captioned them, or even fully captioned them.

Right now Ivan wants to watch a movie though so I'm going to go do that. We're watching Moonstruck, a great movie he got from Netflix.
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