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Tulip Festival 2017 - The Literary Exhibitionist
Tulip Festival 2017

I've got to try and make this quick, for two reasons: 1) I need to get into the shower so Shobhit and I have time to watch Real Time with Bill Maher while eating pancakes and also go to the Asian grocery store before Laney gets here for a movie in the theatre downstairs at noon; and 2) you can read most of the details about yesterday in the captions of the photos by clicking the above shot to the full set on Flickr anyway. Probably most of you won't, but whatever. I'll live.

I will say this: predictably, Ivan confirmed on Friday that he would stay home and not join us. He clearly wanted to take advantage of a rare day with the condo to himself -- and specifically, get a booty call -- and I can't say I really blame him for that. He did send me a burst of very strange texts while we were all out to lunch, asking when we expected to be home, and saying things like "I can't wait for you to get back!!" But he obviously just wanted to gauge how much time he had. Anyway, it clearly worked out best for all involved, because I got a call from Dad while Shobhit and I were on the road: they were on their way to La Conner too, at that very moment! They were stopping at the Tulip Featival on their way to a weekend on Whidbey Island, and ee wanted to know if we wanted to get breakfast or lunch in La Conner. Of course I did! And we wound up spending several hours together, and doing most of the Tulip Festival together. All quite spontaneously.

Dad said he deliberately waited to call and ask about where we were since we wouldn't know how closely we'd be traveling if he'd called earlier. I actually loved that he did that, because it made it a wonderful surprise. I've done the Tulip Festival six times now, four of them with the family, but I haven't been there with Dad and Sherri since the 2006 trip. So this was very cool.

And, as soon as I got off the phone, Shobhit and I both agreed that it was now definitely for the best that Ivan had not joined us. I had really wanted him to, but having him as the odd-man out with the other four of us as a family would have been awkward. And Ivan would not have enjoyed so much time in the car anyway. So whatever, it worked out. Dad and Sherri and Shobhit and I had a great day together. Presumably, Ivan got laid.

Anyway, the festival was beautiful as always, and I did get lots of great pictures and not too many that were just like any of the other trips I've taken there. Shobhit bought four bunches of tulips so he could get a fifth free; we offered one to Ivan when we got back home. He had said, "Buy be some flowers!" when we left in the morning, after all. He probably wasn't that serious. And he just set his vase of flowers next to the other two I had set on the dining table.

I feel like I'm forgetting mentioning something else, but whatever, it must not have been important. Shobhit and I stopped at both Costco and PCC Greenlake Village to do grocery shopping on our way home, and I messaged Ivan when I knew it would be a couple of hours before we got back. We got back a little after 6 pm, put the groceries away, and then the three of us watched Return of the King, which I missed a little of the last hour of because I kept nodding off -- it was getting too late. I mean, for me, anyway. And then my fucking cat kept me awake since about six o'clock this morning. Okay, I really need to go get into the shower now.


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