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My tweets
  • Fri, 5:35: Protip: condemn attacking Syria all you want, but using this of all issues for partisan blaming is moronic. Hillary would be doing the same.
  • Fri, 7:49: In this time of international strife and turmoil, I think it's important that we all remember George was the best Beatle.
  • Fri, 14:24: RT @LOLGOP: If you ever see Neil Gorsuch be sure to say. "Hi, Merrick Garland!" He'll say, "I'm not Merrick Garland." And you say, "You should be!"
  • Fri, 14:31: Does anyone else constantly read a post by Karen and think they're reading a different Karen (or Chris or Tom or Beth or Stephanie or Jennifer or Erin)?


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