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south end surprise - The Literary Exhibitionist
south end surprise

-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --

There's a drawer full of countless teas in our office kitchen, but there are only a couple I particularly like to drink: Earl Gray -- always at the top of my list -- or Chai. In a pinch, if I absolutely have to, I'll go for "Classic Black," but I really prefer not to have to. Any of these green or floral or yerba mate teas -- fuck that shit.

There are none of my teas available today though. What's with these assholes? I was forced -- forced! -- to have hot chocolate instead. I hope the office management team is fucking proud of themselves!

-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --

In other office news, we're having our first Cubicle Arrangement Shakeup of our time at the new office location this week. Apparently the impetus for this was partly Mindy's resignation, and she left a couple of weeks ago. She was the Fresh Director -- the Deli, Meat and Produce counterpart to Justine, who is the Center Store Director (she's the relatively recently-hired middle management addition to Merchandising, becoming Scott's boss, between him and Darrell, the Director of Merchandising). I'm with the Grocery team in the cluster of cubicles on the south end of the building, on the other side of a couple of conference rooms (and two phone rooms on the other side of the smaller of the two conference rooms) from where several people on the Fresh team currently sit.

There are four cubicles in front of where Kibby and I currently are, though, that have sat empty since we moved in here last August -- just waiting for new staff eventually to fill them, we all presumed. In the meantime, the desk drawers between the two cubicles in front of me became the Merchandising Snack Stash, and that will have to move now, presumably over to the admittedly very large and spacious Merchandising pantry for samples. Not that big a deal.

I am not being moved, for which I am grateful. The intent is to put as many people in Merchandising together on our end of the building as possible, rather than being separated by these two conference rooms. Darrell, quite reasonably, still wants to cluster the sub-department employees together: Grocery; Meat; Deli; Health and Body Care. Currently Scott, Noah and I sit in a line and are already ideally situated, so none of us are moving. Kibby and Terry, who are HBC, are being moved to the currently-empty cubes just in front of me and then to the left; Jeff, the Beer and Wine Merchandiser, and Helen, who works in Beer and Wine among other things, in the currently-empty cubes right in front of me. The new Fresh Director, who has yet to be hired, will go where Helen currently is (to the side of Noah); Robin, one of the Deli Merchandisers, in Kibby's current spot to my left. Robin spends a lot of time at stores so now the space next to me will often be empty.

I rather liked having Kibby just to my side, beyond a low-rise cubicle wall with a short glass partition topping it, these past eight months. I'm a little bummed that she's being moved further away from me, but, whatever. I guess we'll IM more. And now she'll have a far better line of sight to the view of Puget Sound beyond our office's balcony, which can be seen through floor to ceiling windows. I guess she will cut more into my view when she stands up using her sit-stand desk; I just thought of that. It's not the end of the world!

All these changes will happen Friday. So I get Kibby as a direct neighbor for just one more day. I guess it just continues the trend of Kibby being moved slightly more often than I have ever been. I had four different desks in the last office location, although one only lasted three months, and the second move was only one cubicle over. Kibby had, I think, five locations there in that time. And here she already has one more than I do.

Darrell mentioned more than once that he wished we could "build out" our conference/lounge area (which we sat in on New Year's Eve to watch the Space Needle fireworks -- it's the area between the aforementioned conference rooms and our east-facing windows), so all of Merchandising could be together, but he said Cate couldn't be convinced to do that. And honestly, I'm glad. I want that area to keep coming back to on New Year's Eves!

Anyway. Other Fresh Team members are being brought over from the other side of the conference rooms, and into the cubicles currently occupied by Kevin and Bryan, on the other side of where Jeff and Terry now sit, at the south end of our section. Kevin and Bryan are being moved over to the other side of the conference rooms, their being the only two in Merchandising who will now be separated by that barrier. Darrell said that at least those two -- they work on things like resets and schematics -- work the most independently of all of us, so if any two should be separated, it might as well be them.

-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --


-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --

--Whaaaat! I'm kind of amazed these days by how well secrets are kept in the office regarding the announcement of new store locations. We don't find out about it until a literal press release is sent out publicly. Just this morning we got an email from the CEO about a planned new store in Burien, to open in 2018. That'll be sooner than the Madison Valley store (which has been delayed due to idiot local NIMBYs unhappy with the building design), which we've known about for some time. This means two new stores in 2018, not just one -- one of them inside Seattle and one in the suburbs.

That email was a bit of a shock. There wasn't even a hint of it at the Town Hall Meeting we just had two Fridays ago. They really keep this stuff secret now. Obviously certain office people have to know about it. I wonder if people are being asked to sign NDAs or something.

The email came at 9:25 a.m. I went to check social media, and we posted about it on the PCC Facebook page even earlier than that, at 9:19. Hmm. Clearly Ricardo knew about it before I did. Whatever!

I've been keeping track of location suggestions via social media and email since 2011. Most popular: Tacoma, with 47 requests. Second highest: "South King County," with 43 requests. That covers a lot of area, obviously, but it does also cover Burien -- which, itself, is the fourth-most popular request, at 22, just after Renton (42). We've had people so passionate about getting a store that sometimes people post comments literally accusing us of not opening near them just to spite them. I wish I were kidding. (If you assume customers of high-end natural foods grocery stores can be a tad self-entitled, you don't know the half of it.)

-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --

I've had all these things to tell you about already and I still haven't told you about my evening last night!

Shobhit met me at Honest Biscuits in Pike Place Market so we could use the last of our two Chinook Book coupons there, thereby also gaining him another point on my next Social Review. I really wanted a biscuit and vegan gravy, but I guess they're always out of their gravy by the time they close, and they close at 5 pm. Shobhit suggested we could save the coupon for another time, but for some reason I plowed forward and just had a sandwich instead. Maybe I should have saved the coupon. On the other hand, had I done that, Shobhit wouldn't get his point!

He only had a couple of bites as he had eaten recently. The coupon was for a free coffee (which Shobhit had) and a side with the purchase of a biscuit. I still want to come back and have an actual biscuit and gravy, though -- that sandwich was too bread-heavy and gravy would make it much more digestible. So I'm thinking of suggesting that be the Birth Week breakfast place I go to with Auntie Rose. We need a new breakfast location anyway, now that I'm eating at the Edgewater twice a month with Karen.

As annoyed and frustrated as I get with Shobhit's obsession with Social Review points -- he also talked about going to Poquitos for Happy Hour tonight, just to get himself another point -- something occurred to me last night. I would probably hate it more if Shobhit never wanted to do anything with me socially at all, right? That would suck. So given a choice between the two, I suppose I should be grateful.

Anyway! We did some shopping at Target, and then we walked home. Shobhit put on his headphones and missed out while I watched the Netflix comedy special just released of Louis CK, which I thought was as great as any special he's ever done. I still think he may very well be the best working comedian alive today.

I also watched some other HBO TV, and then we did some work on the crossword puzzle before I went to bed.

-- चार हजार और सत्तर-दो --




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