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I mean nothing really matters right - The Literary Exhibitionist
I mean nothing really matters right

-- चार हजार और साठ-सात --

Another movie last night, this one with Shobhit: just like Monday last week, he picked me up at work at 4:30, and then we drove up to Sundance Cinemas -- this time to see the 5:20 showing of Life, which pretty much sucked. As in, solid C from me. I had very few good things to say about it, even though in the moment it was entertaining and tense and suspenseful -- until the insanely stupid and predictable ending. Well, all of it was predictable, really.

We were leaving the theatre and Shobhit said, "B? Or B-minus?" I was like, "Solid C, I think. That was a waste of money." At least it was a small amount of money we wasted: $12 total for the both of us together. Sundance Cinemas on Mondays are now kind of a thing for us -- Shobhit is all about the discounts, and they offer $6 tickets on Mondays to anyone with an Orca Card. So, pretty much, if there's anything I want to see and it's playing at Sundance, we'll go there on Mondays.

We may start making the Regal Meridian a thing on Tuesdays too, now that they've been offering the "bring a friend for free" on Tuesdays if you're an AT&T customer -- which we are. We have yet to use this deal, but Shobhit really wants to -- particularly with the discounted tickets we can buy at Costco, which would make it even cheaper than the Sundance deal. I keep telling him there are always restrictions to these things, though, and I'll be surprised if they let us do that. But, maybe they will. We won't find out this week, though, because Beauty and the Beast is such a massive hit that they're playing it on several screens, with only three other movies playing there this week! One of them is Life, which we just saw at Sundance; another is Get Out, which is excellent but I already saw with Ivan; the third is CHiPs, which has a score of 29/100 on MetaCritic. Uh, I'll pass. So, we'll have to wait and see what's playing there next week.

This only occurred to me just now, but I literally have the means to get some kind of discounted pricing at nearly every theatre chain in town now:

SIFF Cinema: $5 off every ticket for me individually, as a SIFF member (for which I do spend $55 a year -- tax deductible though!), making them $9
Sundance Cinemas: $6 tickets every Monday with an Orca Card
Regal Cinemas: 2-for-1 with that "bring a friend for free on Tuesdays" as AT&T customers; also discounted tickets sold at Costco
AMC Cinemas: discounted tickets sold at Costco
Landmark Theatres: discounted ticket 5-packs sold

The Landmark one used to be the only one I used with real regularity, but I haven't bothered to buy one of their discount packs in a while, now that I don't work in the U District anymore and their Seattle theatres are only in the U District, Wallingford and Shoreline. The Crest in Shoreline is already a discount theatre where movies go last, so the discount pack is pointless there -- and to a large degree it's pointless at any other location as well, now that the discounted matinee shows are actually worth a few cents less than the value of any single ticket on the discount pack. And on the rare occasions I travel out to a Landmark theatre, it's usually to a first showing on a weekend, which means there's no need for the discount pack. (In the old days they sold the pack at a discount that was cheaper per ticket even than the matinee shows, but not anymore.)

I often complain about how cheap Shobhit is, but hey -- I guess I shouldn't complain about ways he's pointed out for me to save money while still doing the things I want to do. These discounts, I'm all over.

-- चार हजार और साठ-सात --


-- चार हजार और साठ-सात --

What else, then? Shobhit drove us home, where he had already prepared a dish for dinner -- rice and a vegetable dish with opo (apparently more commonly known as calabash) as its base. I was honestly not expecting it to be great, but Shobhit added lime to it, and I found it to be almost shockingly tasty.

I finished it in the time it took him to dish up his own.

So then I went to the bedroom to write my uncommonly critical review of Life, before coming back out and spending a bit of time working on the day's New York Times crossword with Shobhit. After that I watched an episode of Girls while getting ready for bed.

-- चार हजार और साठ-सात --

So I guess President Fuckwit signed an executive order to roll back Obama's climate change regulations today. This news was weighing a bit more heavily on me than most of the awful news created by that man, as I believe climate change is the world's most pressing problem. But this Washington Post article offered at least a slight bit of hope:

Globally, the trend is clear: movement away from traditional fossil-fuel-burning power plants — particularly coal-burning ones — and toward cleaner and renewable sources. That’s also the trend in the United States, for reasons beyond government regulatory actions.

So, while Trump can unwind Obama’s climate legacy to some extent, the economic and political forces that have spurred those underlying shifts are largely beyond his control. His efforts will likely mean that the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions — which were lower for much of Obama’s administration largely because of the economic slowdown — may tick upward. But the good news for that majority of the country worried about the threat of climate change is that Trump mostly can’t touch that broader global trend.

The man is still an unrepentant asshole. And he's still going to make our country worse in the meantime. Just, perhaps -- perhaps -- not quite to the extent that we fear. But I guess we'll see, won't we? I suppose also once we're all dead it won't matter anyway.

-- चार हजार और साठ-सात --


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