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My tweets - The Literary Exhibitionist
My tweets
  • Thu, 7:20: My parents took me on many trips growing up, providing countless memories I still cherish. #throwbackthursday https://t.co/zGIvRBx6Ca
  • Thu, 9:57: "Don’t be surprised to be interrogated by a feline if you apply." https://t.co/84jqOUlOsL
  • Thu, 9:21: This use of the hand clapping emoji wins, everyone else can fucking stop now. RT @shawnpearlman JUST 👏🏻WANTED TO 👏🏻 SAY 👏🏻THAT I 👏🏻HAVE NO 👏🏻👏🏻RYTHM WHATSOEVER
  • Thu, 13:35: Store email asks me to fix transposed letters "BP" as receipt abbreviation for peanut butter because "I am allergic to Beanut Putter."


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