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Happy Hour Art Night / Pedi - The Literary Exhibitionist
Happy Hour Art Night / Pedi

Friday evening was our once-again-combined Boozy Art Night / Happy Hour -- thus dubbed "Happy Hour Art Night" -- with Laney, which Shobhit opted to join us for this month, as he had skipped last month. And last month he got all pissy about how much money I spent because I had three cocktails, and so this time I told him I had a great idea: make margaritas at home, meet me at work at 4:40, and we can drink them while walking up the hill together!

So that's exactly what we did. He filled a thermos with orange juice, tequila and triple sec, and it was rather stiff. In fact, he didn't even measure it with shots; apparently he just poured. So I really have no idea how much I drank on Friday night. I just know that I was pretty well buzzed by the time we met with Laney at Roosters Bar & Grill on Broadway.

This time, though, Jessica did not join us, as she was hanging out with some other friends. She goes back to work in Alaska for the season near the end of this month, so I may not see her again for a while. We'll see, I suppose.

In any case, Shobhit and I still ordered two Happy Hour drinks each -- although mine were both $7 house margaritas, and his were just two beers. I even drank about 3/4 of the margarita he had made for drinking while walking (which, by the way, I poured into paper coffee cups with lids that I found in the kitchen at work -- at Shobhit's rather smart suggestion; I waited to pour them until we were downstairs in the building lobby though). Shobhit said he was buzzed, but clearly not as much as I was. I didn't quite get wasted, though, contrary to the wording I used in my checkin on Facebook.

We all shared several Happy Hour dishes, nachos with cheese dip, two orders of quesadillas, plaintain chips. Once we finally got to doing our so-called "art," it was somewhat of a bust. Laney, as usual, did the best, although she typically declared it not very good -- it was the portrait she decided to do of Shobhit, which she then said made him look too old (hence the note). She also drew a very quick picture of an elephant standing behind a tree on Shobhit's forearm, as seen in the photo above. At first she was just going to do the tree, I think, but when she asked what his favorite animal is and I said elephant, she drew the elephant behind the tree.

Once we were done there, per tradition on past Boozy Art Nights, we went back to Laney's place to get her pipe and then go to her nearby small neighborhood park to smoke a bit of week. Shobhit got too cold, though, and suggested we go back, and very soon after that Laney said she had some work for chorus to do, so Shobhit and I walked home.

I was buzzed enough to get very tired very early and I zonked out that night at about 10:00. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open.


Yesterday was itself rather busy, beginning with Shobhit and me walking downtown and doing a little bit of shopping at Target, then meandering over to Beecher's Cheese for some curd samples, and then to Nordstrom Rack, and then to Pacific Place.

There, we went to see the 11:20 a.m. showing of Kong: Skull Island, which was entertaining, had great special effects, but was not a great movie. Ultimately it was pretty forgettable and I don't think I'll ever watch it again. It worked for now, though; hence the solid B.

On the walk home, we passed this Indian buffet restaurant at the Convention Center that Shobhit had long wanted to check out, and we made a rather split decision to have a quick lunch there -- in spite of planning to have a light lunch since we knew we'd be going out for dinner later. It was surprisingly tasty, though, so it was worth it. It was called Daawat Indian Grill & Bar, and I think we'd eat there again. The naan was fresh and fluffy, the pakoras were delicious, and all the vegetable dishes were very tasty as well.

We walked the rest of the way home, and I wrote the review. I had been texting Danielle about hanging out this weekend, since I hadn't seen her since the Women's March in January, which I felt was way too long, and it finally happened. Shobhit and I left in the middle of Ivan having "a friend" who was clearly a hookup visiting, and that left him some privacy for the late afternoon and early evening. Curiously, he even later asked both Shobhit and me what we thought of the guy. Shobhit had seen him briefly when they first came in, while I was writing my review, but I never saw the guy -- at least, not from the legs up. I could tell they were just talking when we were leaving and so I knocked on Ivan's bedroom door to ask if he would feed the cats their dinner while we were gone. Ivan got up and opened his door to talk to me -- and even ask when we were going to watch this movie from Netflix he had that he wanted me to watch with him (and he had messaged me about several times over the previous few days) -- but they guy was lounging on his bed and his upper half was obscured by being around the corner of the wall that forms the closet.

Anyway, Shobhit and I drove down to Danielle's place in Renton. She had just taken a shower and was still in her bathrobe. That woman really loves to take her time getting going -- even more than Shobhit, I think, which is saying a lot. Not that it mattered; we weren't in any rush to get anywhere. Danielle wanted to go get pedicures, something Shobhit and I really don't ever do -- we had done it just once before, on our trip to Oregon for our anniversary in 2015.

When Danielle was finally dressed and had let the dogs out to use the bathroom -- and even wound up having to wash Josie's feet because she got them all muddy outside -- we went to this place called Fairwood Nails, which apparently is her usual place. There seemed to be just one chair available when we arrived, and Danielle sat immediately. At first it was unclear whether Shobhit or I would get anything done, as the staff seemed mostly busy and all but one chair was occupied -- and then Shobhit had to take a call from his brother. So, during that call, he and I just sat in the waiting chairs while Danielle had her feet started on.

But, a few minutes after Shobhit got off the phone, Danielle started gesturing to the one empty seat, which was next to hers. Shobhit suggested I go ahead, and when I said, "I think they're all busy!" there was one lady at the reception area, and she was like, "I can do it!" or something to that effect. I can't remember what she said exactly. They were all Asian ladies (southeast Asian if I had to hazard a guess, in an attempt to narrow it down a tad) with pretty thick accents.

So, I sat next to Danielle and got a $25 pedicure that included a "sugar treatment," this crumbly rub thing. Aside from an initial minor incident in which the cutting away of dead skin on my big toe was a bit painful, the whole thing was quite wonderful. The chairs are also massage chairs, and the lady turned mine on to massage my back the whole time. I'd have to say it was money well spent.

Although, of course, I felt a little bit of the discomfort of the privileged, especially when this lady to my right was watching the TV monitor and commenting on how horrible it was that there was famine in the world. It seemed a little ironic to hear that kind of lamentation while literally getting pampered, but whatever. The lady turned out to be in work that proposes grants for foreign aid, so I guess I should give her credit there. The place she works for is faith-based, though, so when Shobhit started asking if they were hiring Program Managers, the lady said, "It's a Christian organization, though, so you would have to sign a statement --" And Shobhit cut her off right there: "Oh okay, that won't work then." The lady was like, "What, you mean you're not a believer?" Um, no.

Shobhit did get his feet -- as well as his hands -- done too; the person at the other end of the six chairs from where Danielle and I were had finished relatively soon after I got started, so he had a mani-pedi himself. All three of us even got our toenails painted, although I was the only one who opted just for clear nail polish.

From there, we drove briefly back to Danielle's place so she could pick up her own car, and that way Shobhit and I could drive straight home from dinner. We went to a place called Papaya Vietnamese Cafe, where we all had pho'. The hope was that would be a light dinner after that heavy lunch at the India restaurant, but Shobhit's and my weight were both up this morning.


We got back home last night at about 8:40, and Ivan's "friend" was long gone. He was in his bedroom with the door shut, but I knocked on it anyway, since he had asked me so many times about watching this movie and I barely still had a window of ability to watch it last night without falling asleep. I suggested we watch the movie in a few minutes and he was up for it; he even accepted a cocktail, and I made us both double-shot Moscow Mules -- which he drank all of twice as fast as I drank mine. (I had already had a cocktail I made myself with rum shot bottles I brought to Danielle's earlier in the day though.)

The movie was a very film-noir Bulgarian film from 2008 called Zift, which, even though it was Bulgaria's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film that year, is so obscure that it has no rating on either MetaCritic or RottenTomatoes. In spite of Ivan constantly calling it "amazing" and that the film's star, Zachary Baharov, was one of the hottest guys he's ever seen (he spends a lot of time in the movie naked, actually, and: meh -- I later asked Ivan what makes the guy so hot to him, and apparently one of the major factors was all of the tattoos!), the movie was just all right. I guess Ivan discovered it somehow back in 2015 when he was going to school at Evergreen State College in Olympia, and he loved it so much he decided to watch it again. And, for some reason, he really wanted me to watch it with him.

So, I did, and now that's done. Sachin wound up coming over for a little while right after the movie ended, and I went to bed while he and Shobhit were still chatting, Ivan just lounging on the love seat and reading stuff on his phone.
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