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My tweets
  • Thu, 8:08: This movie made me want to commit harikari on my inner child. https://t.co/nrCC6vzhnk
  • Thu, 9:29: RT @RheaButcher: * Запись царапина * * стоп-кадра * Угу. это я. вы, вероятно, интересно, как я оказался в этой ситуации. https://t.co/O1jRX
  • Thu, 10:00: ATTN Seattleites: I wrote to my state reps asking them to fund Richard Hugo House. Please consider doing the same. https://t.co/ahmhYiumRQ
  • Thu, 10:43: This was eye opening in many ways, including a deeper understanding of other (particularly younger) gay men's struggles I previously found baffling.

    This line at the end particularly struck me: "We keep waiting for the moment when we feel like we’re not different from other people. But the fact is, we are different. It’s about time we accept that and work with it.”

    And you know what? As flawed as my mother was -- including doing her part to "make me straight" when I was a teenager -- I have to give her credit for what I consider by far the most important and positive thing she ever taught me, which actually very much informed my coming out process: from day one, she always stressed that I should be unashamed, and outright proud, of being different. "You are an individual!" she always said, making clear that was a good thing.

    I took it to heart then, I always have, and I continue to. I honestly believe it's played a huge part in how well my life has gone as an adult, as opposed to too many of the people detailed in this article. https://t.co/Ysv8zKMvO5


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