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snow, again - The Literary Exhibitionist
snow, again

-- चार हजार और सैंतालीस --

Okay, full disclosure: there was a weird, maybe one-hour window yesterday in the middle of the afternoon when it not only snowed, but accumulated, but I did not take any photos. As it happens, Shobhit did, from the windows in our condo (which he also texted to me), and soon enough I will add them to my "Snow Day 2017" photo set on Flickr (which will then be renamed "Snow Days 2017"), which each shot in today's DLU serves as a link to. But! The images you see in today's Daily Lunch Update are not from yesterday; they are from the snowfall on the sixth. But I figured, hey -- it's still snow in Seattle.

Incidentally, susandennis also posted a very cool, short video of the falling snow out her own window in Pioneer Square, at her Google Plus account. (Fun fact! Unless it's to post something I think is especially important to share everywhere possible, which is exceedingly rare, just about the only time I go to Google Plus anymore is by following interesting-sounding links by Susan via Twitter.)

She shared something there that was pretty fucking awesome, and clearly tons of other people shared as well -- including retweets by both myself and Shobhit (who does not often log into Twitter): the Space Needle's video of a lightning strike. I tried to find a way to embed that video into the middle of today's entry, but LiveJournal is being annoying and won't let it work. Even though Twitter offers "embed code," when I try to use it, all that shows up is the text of the tweet and not the video itself -- not when I use the "embed tweet" code and check "include media," and not when I use the "embed video" code either. What the shit, LiveJournal! Fucking Russians.

Anyway! I was pretty shocked when, mid-afternoon yesterday, Scott announced, "It's snowing." What the hell? We were supposed to have a high in the low forties: not snow weather. I checked my Yahoo weather app and it said the current temperature was 41°. Not snow weather! But, right outside, it was clearly snowing. Shobhit texted me it was snowing at home as well, but that made more sense -- it is often much colder on top of the hill than on the waterfront. I was kind of amazed that not only was it snowing on the waterfront, but in the middle of the afternoon. This was all very, very weird.

Even weirder: I had a library book to return, which meant walking up to Capitol Hill via Denny instead of via Pine. Here at the office, the visible falling snow did not last long. Less than an hour, during which the view of the Sound was completely obscured by winter-gray. It did accumulate a little, but not much -- more like a dusting. At home the accumulation was much more, but when I set out to walk home at the end of the day, the snow was all but gone from the ground -- until I got to the Denny Triangle section of Denny Way.

There was a ton of slush a whole lot of that way, like an accumulation of a couple of inches, or maybe just about an inch, but it was only half-melted which seemed to trap a lot of standing water that might otherwise have drained. It was all shallow enough not to seep into my shoes, but I still walked through blocks and blocks of what basically amounted to standing slush. The weirdest part was that it was most like that between Seattle Center and the Denny bridge over the freeway -- Denny Triangle, basically -- but neither right on the waterfront nor up on Capitol Hill, where I would have expected more of it. How many microclimates do we have around here, anyway?

There were slight bits of snow left on the ground on the hill when I got home but most of it was gone. The articulated bus that had gotten stuck on Pine right outside our building had been taken away only about ten minutes before I got home. There were still King County Metro vehicles and staff standing around when I got there.

-- चार हजार और सैंतालीस --


-- चार हजार और सैंतालीस --

I arrived at work late this morning because of my appointment over at Infectious Diseases at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Don't worry! It was a preventative appointment, to see if I was right for what Dr. Ghosh told me was "post-exposure prohylaxis." Turns out she didn't have all the details of what that would involve: sticking to the preventative daily dose of one Truvada pill is clearly the better option. Apparently PEP would involve three pills taken daily for four weeks after exposure. Um, no thanks. I'll stick with just taking one pill every day indefinitely. (Okay, two pills: I also take valacyclovir as a preventative measure every day.)

The annoying thing was having to make a doctor's appointment every three months, which our previous doctor never required of us but is actually recommended by the CDC. This new doctor I spoke with this morning -- and Shobhit had his own appointment with the same doctor just a bit later, at 10:30 -- did offer a compromise. She said these guidelines are based on studies of people who have far higher-risk behaviors than I do. I use condoms pretty much religiously (because I am not an idiot), which I guess makes me considered less "high risk" even if I am kind of slutty. (Counter point: define "slutty.") So, she's giving our new doctor the recommendation that we be able to get by with an in-person doctor's appointment every six months, for monitoring purposes on the medication, rather than every three months. I do still need to get STI screenings every three months but I was doing that anyway. I can live with this plan.

Once Shobhit also spoke with the doctor, it seems like he can finally live with it too. He was getting too close to being convinced our doctor was "giving us the runaround," which wasn't true at all.

I did do something new today, to keep myself on track with all of this: I created two recurring Google Calendar alerts. One comes up every six months to make an appointment with the doctor a month later, with the reminder that the winter appointment double as my annual physical. The other comes up every three months to remind me to go in and get the blood work done. So, I think I'm pretty much all set now. I have a physician-approved plan for getting laid.

I had never been in the Infectious Diseases department before. I checked in at Buck Pavilion as usual, but had to take the elevator to the 4th floor, walk past the cafeteria, and find another elevator to take to the 7th floor in another building. There was no skywalk on this path but somehow I ended up in the Central Pavilion -- oh, I see now on the map that those two buildings are adjacent with hardly any space between them. I think I get it now.

It was still confusing, though; especially those second elevators. You press the floor you want outside the elevator. The a recorded voice comes up and tells you which elevator shaft door to go to: A, B, C, D, E or F. You go inside and there are no floor buttons, evidently because you already pressed the number on the key pad before getting in. Who decided on this weird elevator design?

And then the exam room I was in was huge. Lots of space -- apparently it was remodeled from actual hospital rooms just months ago. I told Dr. Schwarz that I felt like I'd come to the fancy section of the hospital, and she said I wouldn't have said that had I come several months ago.

There was a separate lady who took my vitals when I first arrived. She was black and had a single word tattooed on her inner forearms and I never could quite focus on what the hell they said. She took my temperature for some reason, something that never happens at regular doctor appointments -- or at least not preventative ones. She had me hold the thermometer in my mouth and she said, "Your nails are beautiful." Aww, shucks. They are, indeed, so long right now that one or more is bound to break at any moment. I really should trim them back so they're at least the same length as my left-middle finger that's maybe 3/4 the length of all the others due to it breaking on a wall a couple of weeks ago.

-- चार हजार और सैंतालीस --




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