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bimbo's bitchin italian dining - The Literary Exhibitionist
bimbo's bitchin italian dining
Quick update!

Friday: to my genuine surprise, when I got home from work on Friday, Shobhit suggested we go out to eat rather than dining in. He suggested Bimbo's Cantina, the Mexican joint that used to be on Pine and was called Bimbo's Bitchin Burrito Kitchen. I liked that name better. Anyway, now it's Bimbo's Cantina and it's on Pike now. When did that move take place, anyway? Oh: 2007, apparently.

Anyway! Shobhit just wants to rack up his Social Review points. But! He also found a Groupon that was a $20 value for $12 -- 40% off. And there was a weekend promotion on Groupon for an additional 20% off all purchases, which took our $20 value down to $9.60. Well, even I have to admit that's a deal that can't be passed up.

We had drinks at home before leaving because we're cheapskates like that. Our waitress probably didn't appreciate that much. But at least we were cognizant of how busy and understaffed they were and Shobhit left a 25% tip. We're not monsters!

Their food is just average, I must say. I'd go back for that deal again though. Also I love that they offer vegan "chicken" as an ingredient option, which I had in the taco salad but not, at Shobhit's request, in the burrito. Their burrito was surprisingly good, with its odd inclusion of sesame seeds. It lent a nice consistency. The taco salad, on the other hand, was below par, save for the bites of veggie chicken, which I quite liked.

Saturday: I went to see Get Out with Ivan at the Egyptian Theatre at 4:00. A horror movie! It was his suggestion, and he even pointed out that it has that all-too-rare rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. As always, that's misleading -- it just means no no critic hated it, not that any critic thought it was perfect. MetaCritic's 83/100 rating is much more realistic -- yet still incredibly impressive: anything above 80 they list as "universal acclaim". I was also impressed with it enough to give it a rare A- grade. Ivan quite liked it as well.

Shobhit wasn't interested, although I actually think he would have enjoyed it had he given it a chance. He did, however, choose to join us for dinner. Ivan has been hankering -- like, for real -- to try this Moroccan restaurant downtown called The Marrakesh for weeks now, but things keep getting in the way of it happening. Like they did last night: Shobhit also wants to try Moroccan food, and so he met Ivan and me at the Egyptian at 6:00, and we all walked downtown. Shobhit insisted on calling the restaurant to see if reservations were needed, and we were about halfway there when we found out it would be another two hours before they'd be able to get us in. Shit!

So Ivan announced we should eat somewhere else. Shobhit suggested Il Fornaio at Pacific Place, which we were all of half a block away from, and that had been one of the two possibilities we had looked at for Valentine's Day (and we had chosen Palomino that day). Ivan was all for Italian food, so that's where we went. There was a 45 minute wait on the upper level where Shobhit wanted to sit, but only a 15 minute wait downstairs, so down we went. And I got online on my phone and made reservations for 3 at the Marrakesh next Saturday. (I can only do dinner with Ivan on weekends because he works swing shift on weekdays.)

And we proceeded to have a lovely Italian dinner, Shobhit and me splitting a large minestrone soup, a delicious pizza, and way too much of their stellar, incredibly soft and absorbent potato bread with which Shobhit is understandably obsessed. Even Ivan conceded it was delicious. He and Shobhit both had wine -- Ivan kept complaining about how a "full glass" should actually fill the glass to the rim, as if restaurants ever actually do that -- and I had a White Russian with Bailey's instead of Kahlua. Ivan, who is obsessed with Russian culture and hot Russian guys (he loves to irritate us by saying what a great man Vladimir Putin is), heard the phrase "White Russian" and said, "Sounds good to me!"

Then we wall walked home, Ivan bouncing ahead like a puppy with too much energy as usual. He broke away from us at a place where he wanted to get himself some bubble tea and Shobhit and I walked the rest of the way home, stopping at Mud Bay for some pet stuff on the way. Exciting stuff!

It's been a perfectly pleasant weekend so far, though. And now Shobhit and I are going to have a drink before we head over to Central Cinema to watch the Academy Awards there for the first time. A new tradition, maybe!
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