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С годовщиной - The Literary Exhibitionist
С годовщиной

-- चार हजार और पैंतालीस --

For some reason I often forget that I started this LiveJouranl the same year I started working for PCC: 2002. The first entry I posted came first, though, by a little over five months. I've been thinking a lot lately about how 2017 will be my 15th anniversary at PCC -- specifically, on August 5 -- but I just remembered this morning that today is the 15th anniversary of my first LiveJournal post. As that post indicates, I was in the midst of my post-Seattle Gay Standard unemployment at the time, and even still held out hope of getting some kind of writing gig as my next job. Ha ha ha ha! Shows what I knew.

And, holy shit, was my life different then. The job at PCC alone meant my life was radically different only one year later. Actually, come to think of it, February 2003 was when Stephanie nearly fired me.

I suppose I could separate the past 15 years in just five-year segments and my life was pretty radically altered at each point. At the starting point, 2002, I lived alone in a 550-square-foot studio in Belltown and was unemployed. By 2007, I'd had a full-time job at PCC for nearly five years, and after a bit of a rough start with both of them, Grocery Merchandiser Stephanie and Director of Merchandising Jennifer both loved me. (Stephanie has since taken a job elsewhere and Jennifer has since retired -- both of those within the past five years.) In 2007 I had also been with Shobhit for three years; we had lived in two different apartments together; and we had even exchanged engagement rings. (Mine: purchased in India; never taken off my finger. His: a simple gold band purchased in downtown Seattle, later lost in Los Angeles.)

Fast-forward another five years! And, holy shit. Purchase and move into a condo, by the end of 2007 -- so that happened at the beginning of the middle five-year period. At the end of it, so by February 2012, Shobhit and I were just one month shy of doing a long-distance relationship for two full years, a year and a half of which had him in New York, and by this point he had been living in Los Angeles for five months. Even Barbara had been gone, having moved back to Virginia in the greater D.C. area to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren, for two years. Also, Shobhit became a U.S. citizen in 2010.

Within the past five years, Shobhit and I got married in 2013 -- legally!, though only at the state level at first; federal recognition came in 2015. And just last year, Shobhit moved back to Seattle again. My home life now actually resembles what it was in February 2007 far more than it did in 2010, although we didn't move into the condo until October in 2007. Other key differences include different cats, and the fact that currently we are living together with a roommate, which we never did before Shobhit moved away in 2010.

The one truly consistent thing through all of these 15 years, aside from my writing almost daily in livejournal, is my employment at PCC. And even that went through a truly dramatic change just last year, with our August 2016 move from the U District office location, where it had been for 27 years, to this dream of a location on the waterfront, in the northwest corner of the Belltown neighborhood I once lived in, at the beginning of all this. Full circle! Sort of!

In February 2002, I was still in my twenties. I was 25. Granted, I would be 26 only two months later, but hey -- I'll be 41 two months from now. To say I am a different person now than I was then would be an understatement to such a degree as to be genuinely comical.

And, consider LiveJournal's own history: launched in 1999, it was pretty young when I started with it, only about three years old. Sold to a company called Six Apart in 2005, which licensed the brand to a Russian company in 2006. It's been many years now that I have long been uncomfortable with this being a Russian-owned company, but my history here is far too deeply intertwined to make leaving it very easy at all. This is, quite literally, the written documentation of nearly every detail of my entire life for the past fifteen years. If there were any way to transfer it all over to some other, American-owned company, with the history of posts and all the links contained therein remaining intact, I would do it. Maybe one day someone will make that possible. I am not currently aware of it being possible.

The way most people use Facebook and, to a lesser degree, Twitter, was how I and a host of friends from the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus -- which I left in 2004, and which disbanded within a couple of years after -- used LiveJournal in 2002. Even I have long since stopped even looking at my LiveJournal friends list. I can think of only two or three active LiveJournal users still on my friends list even now who themselves regularly read what I post here. I know I have a few active but silent readers, but I am mostly ignorant of them or anything about them. Of course, everything in this paragraph I have already mentioned before, multiple times.

It's just that fifteen years is such a long time. Comparing my life in 2002 to today is quite the contrast. Hell, now I'm wondering how different my life will be not just when I'm 55, but even when I'm forty-five. Clearly it's likely a whole lot will be different even five years from now.

The upside is this: the changes have tended to be exciting. I can only presume they will continue to be.

-- चार हजार और पैंतालीस --


-- चार हजार और पैंतालीस --

I just had lunch with Karen down at Six-Seven at the Edgewater Hotel. We skipped the truffle macaroni & cheese this time! Even though it's still on the specials menu. Will it just be on that indefinitely? I hope so. But, I was happy to skip it this time. We split the gyro sandwich instead, which I've had before, have always thought was super tasty, and already comes in two halves anyway. Just like they used to at Portage Bay in the U District, they brought it out to us on two separate plates.

And, we updated each other on the latest news -- mostly in our respective families, actually. I told her a fair amount about my brother. She told me about a niece who got engaged on Christmas day because her boyfriend put a ring in a box for her under the Christmas Tree. Aww, how sweet. She actually lives in Nicaragua with her husband and that, apparently, is where the wedding is set to take place, possibly at the end of the year. And I'll possibly be in India at the same time. That is, if Shobhit can land a job sooner than later.

I mentioned to Karen when we were leaving that Shobhit was at a job fair in Bellevue right now -- which, to me, is happy news. I mean, anything that gets him out of the house. And if it has to do with networking for jobs, all the better!

I guess I'll get back to work now.

-- चार हजार और पैंतालीस --


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