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and all this was just on sunday - The Literary Exhibitionist
and all this was just on sunday

-- चार हजार और तीस-सात --

I had dinner with Ivan last night. Shobhit did not join us. He preferred to stay home and make his dinner. Ivan got really sick on Friday though, even stayed home from work, and kept saying he felt like he was going to die. He even announced his sickness to me over Facebook Messenger: Matthew I am sick and had to call in to work today. As much as I adore Ivan, my first thought was honestly, Uh, why do I care? It seemed odd that he should message me that, unless he just wanted some sympathy and couldn’t think of where else to get it. Granted, it was useful information I could pass on to Shobhit so he'd know not to go walking around the condo in the nude or something, without realizing Ivan hadn't gone to work.

Anyway, after a few message exchanges, Ivan wrote, I'd sure like to go get some pho this weekend. It would nourish both my abused and failing body as well as my world-weary soul. (He has a penchant for that kind of exaggerative language, even when he's not sick.) I said I would love to get pho' but would be unavailable until Sunday evening due to all the other weekend plans I already had in place. He wrote: Okay. I will try and make it until then. Unless I go to be with the Lord first. He was sick but cracking me up.

And then, later that same day -- on Friday -- kind of annoying: he messaged me again at nearly 5:30 asking if I would be home soon. Please come into my room when you do, I need help. Um, okay? I told him I would likely be a few hours. Two hours later (two is not the same as "few," Ivan), me messaged me again: When? Jesus Christ. I told him probably another hour or so, and what's going on? No response.

Even Laney became quite curious as to what help he needed and insisted more than once that I text her with an update when I got home. Turned out, he was just so sick that he wanted me to do a couple of simple tasks for him so he wouldn't have to get out of bed: close his bedroom window for him. Replace the can of ginger ale that appeared to have been knocked on his floor with a cold one from the refrigerator. Get him some water. Get him some Tylenol from his bathroom. I happily did all these things and all the while hoped he was not particularly contagious. I could only see his head poking above his covers and he seemed barely even able to talk.

Evidently he took a quick turn for the better that evening, though. He showered, and said that always makes him feel better (I know what he means there, actually; I have the same experience when not feeling well). He was dressed and up and walking around a bit later that evening. He rather surprised me by apparenty having been so sick that not just on Friday, but the entire weekend he wore his glasses, which he apparently generally hates doing. In fact it was the first time I had ever even seen them on his face, and he lived with me for eight months in 2014. When I mentioned how surprised I was that he was even going out in public with them on as we walked to The Pho' for dinner last night, he noted that were to see his "beloved" (this guy he's been in love with since 2014 but it not in love with him) he'd tear them off his face and toss them over the fence we were walking by, near the Capitol Hill Light Rail station. As I said, he likes to speak in exaggeration. He did have to take the glasses off right after we got our pho', which I found rather amusing, because the hot bowl of soup immediately fogged them over.

I keep thinking about this guy I saw at dinner, dining alone at a table maybe four feet behind Ivan and then another three feet or so to his right. He had to have been in his twenties. Very thin. Relatively tall, and although he had a beard, he had eye makeup on as far as I could tell. High heeled, rather feminine boots that, in spite of being light brown, I liked a lot and would totally wear myself. Earrings, and short-cropped hair on the sides but much longer hair in a middle-strip reminiscent of a Mohawk, but put up in a man-bun. It made me think about how much easier it is for someone to walk around unself-consciously like that now, even on Capitol Hill, which people constantly complain about being "less gay" than it used to be. Except when I moved here two decades ago, even on the supposedly then-gayer Capitol Hill, I was often self-conscious just walking around with eye makeup on. I had much longer and much fuller hair and did have mail polish so I suppose it could be argued that I was at the very least as androgynous then as this guy was now. Just in different ways.

I think about things like this and it makes me think about how the world -- okay, maybe the world of liberal bubbles like Seattle -- is more accepting in general, even if so-called "gay ghettos" are now less gay than they used to be. Isn't this what we wanted? That guy did not appear to be thinking at all about how anyone else was looking at him. He thought about his appearance when he made himself up at home, and then forgot about it.

I was looking at the guy's boots when Ivan said to me, "You look very pensive." I said, "I like that guy's boots." Ivan glanced over and said, "Maybe you should get yourself a pair." I said, "Maybe I should." Then, after a pause, I added, "I hate his beard." Ivan immediately got a little uncomfortable, put his finger to his lips in the "shush" gesture, and said that was rude. I said, "He can't hear me." I couldn't hear anyone else's conversation in there; why would he hear ours? Also, he was absorbed by his phone and quite obviously paying no attention to us whatsoever. I was honestly surprised Ivan would even care. Sometimes I just can't figure him out.

And as if the glasses weren't enough surprise for one day, Ivan surprised me again while we walked home. I mentioned we had talked once about watching the Lord of the Rings movies, and he's very interested in doing that. I mentioned those movies are, taken as one long film, my fourth-favorite movie of all time. So he asked what my favorite movie is. When I said it was Batman Returns, he said he'd never seen it.


What's more, he would be interested in watching it.


I then found out he'd never seen the 1989 Batman movie either (which was released when he was four years old, I realized just a few minutes later), and would be interested in that one too. So we decided right then, once Shobhit and I watched the episode of The Young Pope that we had to watch after I returned home, we would then watch Batman. And that's exactly what we did. Shobhit hadn't seen it in a long time himself and so we all three watched it together. As per usual, Ivan spent about half the time on his phone (we talked over dinner about how very different he is from other Millennials, but one thing he's definitely got in common is the stereotypically microscopic attention span), but he does that even with his own movies from Netflix. It's sort of his thing, and he saw enough of it. When the movie ended, I said, "So?" and he gestured a thumbs-up with his left hand.

Even Shobhit remarked on how good Jack Nicholson's performance was. "He's excellent in this," I agreed. In a weird way, it illustrates how great Heath Ledger actually was in The Dark Knight, being able to make The Joker an iconic character in his own way, even after Jack Nicholson's equally iconic turn two decades before.

Anyway, now we're all set to watch Batman Returns next weekend. I can't wait! I got literally excited about this. This never happens -- meeting someone who a) has never seen the movie, and b) is actually interested in seeing it. And the movies I have seen the most times (I've probably seen this one at least thirty times by now) are the most fun to see with someone else who has never watched it before. I mean, he'll see about half of it while spending the other half looking at his phone but whatever.

-- चार हजार और तीस-सात --


-- चार हजार और तीस-सात --

So, what else?

Shobhit should be happy to know he'll officially get a point on the next Social Review for the walk we took yesterday afternoon, through the Broadway Farmers Market to the Broadway Market QFC, and then up to Caffe Ladro up on 15th where we used a buy-one-get-one coupon to get him a black coffee and me a chai latte.

He didn't feel like joining Laney and me for watching Arrival in the theatre downstairs at 2:00, nor Ivan and me for dinner. But he wanted that point! So that makes two for the weekend, since he went with me to see Moulin Rouge! at Central Cinema on Saturday afternoon. Holy shit I had a social weekend! I'm glad I did a brief update yesterday morning, saving me some time on this entry today. I'm overwhelmed with all the beautiful and wonderful people who want to spend time with me! (I just realized I still hadn't added the picture the guy at our neighboring table offered to take of us on Friday night at The Saint, and so I just added it to that entry. I didn’t even mention in the entry that we all wrote thank-you Valentines to send to the two Republican Senators who voted against Betsy DeVos. This had been suggested as an alternative to this event/movement on Facebook to send Valentines to Melania Trump, who has since proven to be just as morally bankrupt as her fuckwit husband.)

Anyway! This walk was after having pancakes for brunch at home, then watching Saturday Night Live, which was honestly a rather weak episode, aside from two great skits (including a Fatal Attraction sendup about KellyAnne Conway). The Broadway Farmers Market was rather weak in offerings too, actually. But we found quarts of yogurt at QFC we could get for free thanks to several coupons I got from work.

I thought my weight might be down after having only the pancakes and pho' for dinner and no lunch in between, but I also had that chai latte and later hot chocolate spiked with two shots of Fireball whiskey during our viewing of Batman. Oh, and also popcorn during Arrival. So as of this morning my weight has shot right back above 146 lbs again -- and it was below 144 two days ago. Fuck sticks! I need to get my shit together.

-- चार हजार और तीस-सात --

And then, of course, there's the viewing of Arrival with Laney -- which, as it turns out, is very much enhanced by a second viewing. Few movies do that as well as this one does, but so much of what you're seeing has new meaning when you watch it a second time. Laney and I talked about it for several minutes afterward as a result. It was really nice finally being able to see that movie again.

Jessica did not join us. She had watched it with us the first time when we all went after it opened in November, and she had also already seen it two more times subsequently with two other friends. She didn't need to see it a fourth time. Shobhit didn't even need to see it a second time, and Ivan clearly had no interest when I mentioned it. (He had also gone to see it in the fall, by himself.) So it was just Laney and me.

Someone had left a bag of tortilla chips in the compartment below the popcorn maker. Laney and I helped ourselves to some, even though the bag was open, because we are classy. We put handfuls into the popcorn tubs before actually having popcorn -- which Shobhit also came down to get some of, just taking it with him back up to the condo.

Anyway I think that covers everything now.

-- चार हजार और तीस-सात --


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