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drinks. food. movies. money. - The Literary Exhibitionist
drinks. food. movies. money.
I feel like I'll have too much to write about tomorrow if I don't do this so I'm actually going to post a rare weekend journal entry right now. It's still only just after 8 a.m. anyway, and Shobhit is still snoozing in bed. Guru is laying on his chest, paws sprawled out to Shobhit's neck. It's rather adorable.

And I just finished writing my solid-B review of The LEGO Batman Movie, which I went to see at Cinerama last night, with Ev, her boyfriend Elden, and her work friend named Therese, whom I met for the first time. They all arrived separately, as I bought my ticket separately -- she had told me earlier last week that she already bought her tickets and what row they were in. I went to check for available seats and, miraculously, the one seat still left in row S in the balcony was right next to them. So, I bought it on my phone. With the service fee it came to $17.50 which, I have to admit, was a little ridiculous. The movie was all right but not really worth that much, not even at Seattle's best theatre.

They didn't even get there until just after the trailers started. I'd gotten there nearly ten minutes early, giving me plenty of time to use the bathroom and buy some popcorn before heading up to find my seat. But obviously this meant there was no visiting we could do before the movie started, although we did a little bit after it ended. I had suggested we wait until the credits finished to see if there was a post-credit sequence like in just about all superhero movies anymore. We were all rather disappointed to find out there wasn't.

We made our way downstairs to the lobby and chatted for a bit there. That was when, somehow, I learned that all three of them love kale. What the shit? I told them that made me feel like I was in The Twilight Zone, being with three people who all love kale. That literally makes no sense.

We got to that point in conversation when Elden himself said he had recently mentioned to Ev that they don't hang out with me enough. Aww, how sweet! I said it's always hard to coordinate with Ev's schedule, and she said she's got more evenings free now, so that's good to know. I did ask her last week if she wanted to go see John Wick Vol. 2 with me but she said she's not much interested in that one. I mentioned that we should go eat at Veggie Grill sometime, as she's mentioned to me at least twice now via Facebook Messenger how great their new "Beyond Burger" apparently is. And that was how we got into talking about kale.

They they had to go use the bathroom, and I wanted to get home so I left. I kept nodding off during the movie, I was so tired; I'd gotten too little sleep Friday night, thanks to Guru waking me up at 6 am and meowing constantly for the next full fucking hour. I realized later the food dispenser I use to give them treats at 4:45 every morning was empty so that's probably the reason; I filled it up later. I got home last night and zonked out, in bed just after 10:00, which was why I didn't write and post the review until this morning. I got a nice, solid night's sleep last night, never even waking up until morning. And that's kind of rare these days.

That wasn't even the only movie I went to see yesterday -- I think few movies playing at Central Cinema could get Shobhit to come with me to see one there, but he loves Moulin Rouge! and it was playing. I told Ivan we were going to see that, and he just said, "That's an old movie. You have it down there." Yes, and yes: I have the DVD. But I haven't seen it in a theatre since it came out in 2001, and we could get lunch at Central Cinema. Ivan didn't even know about Central Cinema and suggested we go see something there sometime, which I'd love to do, except for one slight challenge: I told him they only play old movies there, and he said that's fine as long as it's not something he's already seen before. So, we'll see.

Anyway, Shobhit and I left at 12:45 to walk the six or so blocks over there -- one block past the apartment building Barbara used to live in when she worked at Central Cinema (and was hired when the theatre first opened, actually). She moved back east in April 2010, though, just one month after Shobhit moved to New York. Shobhit's now moved back, but Barbara never will.

Central Cinema changed their menu and again are not offering the "Firenze" pizza with sliced potato and kalamata olives that I love so much. Dammit! I ordered a different vegetarian pizza, since their calzone of the day had meat, and it was just okay. I still love their popcorn. We also shared two starter plates. I even skipped dinner -- well, aside from popcorn -- and still am back up a pound and a half this morning. Fuck sticks!

The movie was itself after Shobhit and I had already gone out, grocery shopping, at four different stores: PCC Greenlake Village for a record low number of items (the cashier even commented: "I usually ring you up for a couple hundred dollars!" -- not anymore, apparently); the Asian grocery store in the International District with its scuzzy atmosphere and cheap produce; QFC on Capitol Hill; and even Trader Joe's so I could get some syrup for the pancakes we plan on eating later this morning. It was just grocery shopping and still we made the rounds around town.

Friday night, Shobhit opted out of joining Laney and me for Happy Hour Art Night at The Saint, which we went to so I could try their blood orange margarita. Jessica did come along, and we all had one of those drinks. It cost $12.50, not being part of Happy Hour, and was just okay. Not really worth that price. Their standard margarita for Happy Hour was certainly worth $6, though, and we each had two of those. Laney and Jessica both had a third, but that was after Happy Hour, so those were more expensive. Factoring in my $9.50 entree, we all got confused by the bill, but instead of asking the waiter to separate it for us -- which we probably should have done -- we all agreed to split it three ways and I would just pay a lower tip.

I paid 18% of my usual 20%. I should have paid almost no tip, I realized later, as I calculated that if we had separated the checks and I paid 20%, I still would have spent $7 than the $54 I paid. And when I came home and Shobhit asked how much it cost, he fucking flipped out -- quite needlessly, regardless of my mistake. He really was a raging asshole about it, saying I had already fucked up my budget (not true) and refusing to let it go. Like, even when I thought we were done arguing about it, he'd bring it up again: "I don't know why you make me so angry." Take some fucking responsibility for your own emotions. I don't spend that much every time I go out; I'm not always over budget and sometimes am actually under; I still have plenty in my budget balance even right now; and I don't need a husband thinking he can micromanage my finances, even if I am the only one with a job right now. I was later still a little pissy about it all and when he asked why I was made I said, "Fuck off, you know why." That was maybe a little uncalled for. I still felt like I was making a valid point.

And this was all after, I suspect, Shobhit had chosen not to join us Friday night because of slight tensions between him and Laney the previous two times they were together. We'll see how things are today when Laney comes over to watch Arrival in the theatre downstairs. Shobhit and I had a much better day yesterday, anyway. And to be honest it's been nice to have a weekend in which I don't spend every waking moment with him -- but also still do some things with him.

That's the kid of balance I prefer. And when I got back from the movie last night, Sachin was over, so he had him to visit with when I went to bed. And now it's Sunday, and today is another day, and I can tell you about today in tomorrow's DLU instead of the entire weekend.

positive energy please