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Snow Day 2017 - The Literary Exhibitionist
Snow Day 2017
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Area accumulations:

Sammamish: 8.5" (7" early this morning where Scott from work lives, according to one of his emails complete with photo of ruler)
Sea-Tac Airport: 3.7"
Capitol Hill: 2"
Downtown: "an inch or two" was the best estimate I could find

The photo above is of the runners sculpture in the courtyard on the south end of the building I work in, which is wedged into the corner between the Olympic Sculpture Park to the south and Myrtle Edwards Park across the railroad tracks to the west. It's the destination I had at the end of my commute this morning, during which I took the 39 photos in the full photo set I have on Flickr. Our biggest snowfall since mid-January 2012 -- over five years ago.

You can read plenty more details about that walk, if you haven't already, in the DLU I posted this afternoon, or you can click through to the full photo set via the image above, where the photos were all captioned this evening.

Actually, the last four photos are from my walk home. By then, the snow was all but gone downtown, but there was still some on Capitol Hill. I got a couple of lovely shots from the roof of my condo complex. Although I got a lot of really great photos in the much snowier landscape of Wallace, Idaho during my trip to visit Mom and Bill in Idaho, it's been a long time since I've managed to get such pretty, snowy pictures of Seattle -- particularly downtown.


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