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My tweets - The Literary Exhibitionist
My tweets
  • Thu, 7:27: Chase tiny wheelchair users into the restroom with your shitty baby! This way! https://t.co/2GHcfBIFrI
  • Thu, 10:09: Even after a lifetime of hypocrisy, I'm still stunned more religious leaders are not openly disgusted by this man. https://t.co/Xw6edGYsOU
  • Thu, 11:14: If you've ever wondered what working in natural foods for 15 years does to you, this week I got excited about a jar of vegan mayonnaise.
  • Thu, 12:47: I was literally in the room when this adorable girl was born 8 years ago. SO BUY HER FUCKING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES https://t.co/fBBDPzMa2Z
  • Thu, 18:07: A guy walking around Capitol Hill in a trench coat and a bicycle helmet just rather aggressively attempted to show me a magic trick. #nope


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