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at least it's not porridge - The Literary Exhibitionist
at least it's not porridge

-- चार हजार और बीस-आठ --

Fuuuuck. I broke 147 lbs again today. God damn it! It's probably because of those fucking cheese cakes set out in the kitchen at work yesterday, which I kept taking bites from. Well, that and I keep having a snack at my desk as soon as I get to work and after lunch at work. These are clearly bad habits. Is it really so hard to resist samples? Actually, it can be, yes. But! I reminded myself today: I don't have to have the fucking things every time. God knows, at this job, there will be plenty more chances to have whatever is being sampled again in the future -- preferably after I've lost these 10 lbs I've gained since November.

I was actually pretty successful this morning. I do still have my morning London Fog tea latte, but for the first time in ages, I did not eat anything before lunch this morning. Okay, small exception: I was on my way to the bathroom and passed Noah with sample garbanzo chips with sample hummuses. Three hummus containers, so I had one chip dipped each into the hummus flavors. Three bites. That's not going to make any discernible difference.

Noah noted the next time I passed by that there were also strawberry-filled crepes. Yum! But I succeeded in resisting. Specifically, I said, "Jesus Christ" and then kept on walking.

I have to make a clear change. It's now or never. Okay maybe not never, but it's now or way too long into the future. Limiting my between-meal food intake is something I've done before and I can do it again.

Shobhit is in a very similar situation, although as always he weighs notably more than I do. He texted me this morning that he now needs to lose 25% of his body weight. And the same applies to him: he's done it before, which clearly proves he can do it.

I'm truly tired of my weight creeping up and up and up. It's time to reverse it, and for real this time -- not just a couple of days.

And then what happens? I ran into a broker late this morning and he had a goodie bag for me. The contents? Three bags of cookie mixes; three cups of frosting for each one; a box of cake mix; a very nice spatula/spreader with the plastic spatula-end being a nice purple color. I love this spatula. The cookie mixes are the last thing I need. I can't just not take this token of appreciation, though. So: I stuffed the whole bag into my bottom desk drawer. I'll never actually bake cookies at work. I figure some day, down the line, I'll go to a potluck or something, and I can take one of those bags and make cookies to share at that time. I certainly have no business having that stuff at home. I suppose I should be grateful nothing in the bag was ready-made, making it impossible for me to actually eat any of it. And the expiration dates on these bags are not until 2018.

The one part of the contents of that bag that I'll take home today is the spatula/spreader.

-- चार हजार और बीस-आठ --


-- चार हजार और बीस-आठ --

So what about last night? As is typical, after yesterday's entry with massive details about my rather social weekend, there's not much to tell about my fairly uneventful Monday night. I spent pretty much the entire evening watching television. I watched an episode of The O.A., which I like more and more the more I watch it; an episode of The Big Bang Theory; and I think four or five episodes of Modern Family, which I had no idea I was so far behind on.

The most significant thing about last night was the dinner Shobhit made, actually. He'd gotten some Asian noodles from one of the Asian grocery stores we went to last weekend, and made a huge pot full with lots of vegetables added. I had peanut sauce to add too, making it even more delicious. Oh, he also added fried tofu, also purchased at the Asian grocery store. I filled two lunch containers for lunches this week and just finished another delicious helping before starting this entry.

I have to admit, it was delicious especially for how cheap the ingredients were. Shobhit loves the Asian grocery stores for their cheapness. Those places are total fucking dumps, I suppose because their unwillingness to invest in being presentable helps keep the prices down. For Shobhit, the only criteria for being presentable is having low prices. PCC stores are beautiful and the products have objectively high quality, but for many items we can still get the same things at other places even cheaper than my employee discount accounts for.

This is for some, but not all, things. Zevia Soda is on sale this month and I used my monthly 10% off on Saturday, which combined with my default 15% off meant 25% off. The sodas were already on sale for a massive 33% off. This amounted to 50% off for me, putting it barely above the promotion wholesale cost and well below our regular wholesale cost. To my surprise, for this reason Shobhit encouraged me to get five six-packs to stock up using that pricing. And this is Shobhit's persistent contradiction: spend more when it most feels like we're saving money. Except it always results in a lower balance in my bank account, but whatever.

He tends to pay when we go to Costco anyway, and one major portion of grocery shopping has gone from PCC to Costco: cat food. We found a brand sold in a 2-case pack at Costco called Nature's Domain. It happens to be organic, which makes me happy. Shobhit likes the much cheaper price per can. And, as it happens, the cats are now vomiting far less often on this new food than they ever did on either of the two canned foods from PCC that I've had them on at different times.

Anyway. I've taken to getting Red Berry Special K at Costco, a 2-pack that costs less than a single bag of the cereal I've long been buying at PCC (granted, the Special K bags are much smaller individually), and also get 8-packs of aseptic quart containers of Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. I have to admit my budget is far less tight these days. Shobhit's all over it. (Even the previous tightness was both comparative and artificial: I send a huge, if not ridiculous, amount of money each paycheck into retirement funds and my savings account.)

I don't know why I went off on that grocery pricing tangent. Nothing else to talk about today I guess. Or at least it was preferable to discussing President Fuckwit, who continues to be the bane of all our existence.

-- चार हजार और बीस-आठ --


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