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Customer Feedback Hall of Fame 2016 - The Literary Exhibitionist
Customer Feedback Hall of Fame 2016
My Customer Feedback Hall of Fame is a bit smaller than usual this year – where have all the weirdos gone! – but I’m sharing it anyway. (Actually it’s probably due to a restructuring of our online feedback form resulting in most customer emails no longer coming to my inbox. Now I mostly just get the social media crazies.)


“On another note, please bring back the bacon cheeseburgers to the deli!”

-- L.S., after a long email about the “nutritional diet program” that “has been incredibly healing for me. I hope PCC can help more people find that healing.” Included a link to said diet, which included, in part, “hair mineral testing”: “preferably from the hair on the head, face, underarm or chest, and not pubic hair.” A clarification most appreciated. 1/17

“WTF is a pcc take and bake pizza?”

-- D.J., from Ohio, responding to our tweet poll asking what your favorite PCC take-and-bake pizza is, clearly having seen it via the #NationalPizzaDay hashtag. So, also clearly not familiar with PCC. Still, not a difficult question to figure out. “I’d ask what you IQ is but you’d probably respond with ‘WTF is an IQ?’,” I did not say. 2/9

“The Sound Consumer advocates health-giving food for children, yet this month it promoted the kidindependent rock series. Rock music has been shown to be harmful to children and plants and other beings. Please help me understand why this music was featured by Sound Consumer.”

-- R, providing a link to a web page literally detailing “why feeling good may be bad,” 3/16

“This is an ice cream bar and ice cream sandwich... praying will not make the ice cream magically appear at your house... that'd be great though if it did. Gotta go to PCC and buy these.”

-- M.V.F, responding to another comment inexplicably consisting exclusively of scripture, on one of our posts about . . . Alden’s frozen novelties, 6/9

“Regular liquid smoke doesn't contain MSG. This is just misdirection to make you afraid of anything not from PCC.”

-- C.B, natural foods conspiracy theorist, 7/7

“Do you think this would be good with blueberries? I really don’t like raspberries…”

-- J.K., on a recipe for Frozen Raspberry Cashew Cream Cake, 8/16. I’m still in love with Jackie’s suggestion of a response: “No. Blueberries would ruin it.”

“What is the side dish?”

-- S.S., on a Facebook post that read, “Beets bring a bright and flavorful twist to this classic side dish,” complete with a link to a recipe for mashed potatoes, above an actual photo of mashed potatoes, 9/30. “Are you blind?” I did not say. “Is this your first time experiencing a photograph?” I also did not say.

“’The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.
So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.’
Numbers 6:22-27”

-- J.M.B., on a Facebook post offering a link to a recipe. For Mushroom Caviar. 10/17


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