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Los Angeles / Podcast Festival / September 2016 - The Literary Exhibitionist
Los Angeles / Podcast Festival / September 2016
In the interest of saving time – and this will actually give you more information within the body of this email than my usual post-L.A.-trip entries do – I’m just going to paste in the content of my email photo digest I sent out to a select group of people this morning. You can click any photo to be taken to the full photo sets, either for the regular L.A. visit set or the specific L.A. Podcast Festival set, as always.

(I haven’t had time to caption all the photos in each set, but the ones that had already been posted to social media, and the ones below, do have what I already wrote about them pasted as captions on those. And all of them are tagged, which provides a lot of context on its own.)

* * * * *



Shobhit had nearly forgotten that this film he’d had a non-paid, non-union part in called Face of Evil was playing at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, and we barely made it to the screening at 9:50 p.m. after my plane landed. I wanted to get a photo of him with this poster outside the screening room, and he insisted on getting a photo with me in it with him, even though I had literally zero to do with the film’s production. (I didn’t even know the movie existed until last week.) I did not post or even write a review for this movie, for fairly obvious reasons of conflict of interest.


But! It sure was pretty awesome to see this during the end credits.



When Shobhit might move back to Seattle is still very much up in the air, but is now officially bumped until November at the soonest — I booked my Halloween/ Shobhit’s birthday weekend trip just yesterday. Either way, given that we’re heading into fall, this was going to be our last chance to go to the beach for many months, if not ever — at least in Southern California.

We wound up on a part of the beach that was pretty much equal distances from Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I decided to call it Venice Beach.


And then! Friday evening began the Fifth Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival — the third I have attended, but the first I managed to get to on Friday night for the opening podcasts. Thus, even though they didn’t start until noon on Saturday and Sunday and previous years they started at 10 a.m. those days, I attended far more podcast blocks this year (14) than I did last year (10) or in 2014 (9). Also: I kind of love this year’s logo.


Probably my favorite thing about L.A. Podfest is discovering new podcasts I didn’t know about — even though they rarely do make it into regular rotation in my podcast listening habits thereafter. This one was called The Long Shot and I couldn’t really tell you what its concept or premise is, but their live taping was very entertaining, since two people in the front row, a guy and a woman, who professed to be huge fans got really drunk and kept talkingr rather loudly through it. And these hosts — especially the guy on the far left — actually handled it very well.



Highlight of L.A. Podfest Day Two #1: Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale (here sitting to the right of Wil Wheaton, both guesting on Comedy Film Nerds) constantly talking about movie stars he has the hots for. They talked about several movie trailers we all watched together, and after seeing the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he said of Diego Luna: “I will punch any of you for one night with that man.”


Highlight of L.A. Podfest Day Two #2: Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff of My Favorite Murder guesting on The Dollop — the former being a true crime podcast about murder stories; the latter being an American history podcast that I’ve watched live at all three podcast festivals, and discovered for the first time at the 2014 festival. I don’t listen to that podcast very often but I always like their live ones; My Favorite Murder is easily my favorite podcast discovered just this year, several months ago — it’s become a bona fide phenomenon (over 50,000 members in its closed group on Facebook in just a matter of months) and that was a big reason Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony (Anthony being one of the co-organizers of this festival) had them on their podcast. The topic on this episode was the 1916 shark attacks that formed the inspiration for Jaws, and between these four, the episode was hysterical — easily my favorite Dollop ever. I laughed and laughed.


And then, in the very next block, Karen and Georgia had their first-ever live My Favorite Murder. At the end of each episode Georgia famously says, “Elvis want a cookie?” and you hear her cat Elvis meow into the microphone. They obviously couldn’t take the cat here, so they brought out a portrait. (They later had Dave Anthony as a guest, sharing his favorite murder.)



Highlight of L.A. Podfest Day Three: The Comedian’s Comedian — another podcast I had never heard of; they spend the podcast talking shop about comedy careers rather than necessarily trying to be funny — had TIM MINCHIN as a guest. If you don’t know who Tim Minchin is, you need to get on it. This was the most star struck I got all weekend . . .


. . . And Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show had Sheriff Hopper from Stranger Things on as a guest!



Food photo! Blu Jam Café puts Corn Flakes in their french toast batter. They are geniuses. Also, they are accommodating: they made me this “Malibu French Toast,” with its pineapple sauce, without the shredded coconut (gack) at my request.


This was new: I don’t recall ever flying so close to San Francisco on the way home from L.A. This time we did.


Oh, and guess what else? The Angle Lake Light Rail Station is open! I discovered this by getting on the Light Rail train track on the west side of the platform at SeaTac Station and, for the first time, having the train continue south. Whaaaat the hell?? Ohhhh.

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