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The Literary Exhibitionist
Gone with Gabriel Breaking Wind
Gabriel and Kornelija just dropped by. They happened to be in town and Gabriel asked if I wanted Kornelija to see the place, even though they've got a shit ton of other things to do. They were only here for a few minutes, but I decided it qualifies -- they each get a point on the next Social Review! They'll be so excited.

Gabriel spent pretty much the entire time freaking out about being near my cats' dander. At one point he was in the kitchen pointing at cat hairs floating through the air -- three specific ones, none of which could I see. I'd say he was hallucinating except I'm sure I just don't pay attention. "I just breathe and eat it all," I said.

Kornelija cracked me up. "Did you have cats when you two lived together?" she asked. Yep. "Was he this much a drama queen?" Ha! Gabriel the drama queen.

Later, when Gabriel was going on and on about all he had to explain about Po Boy Hot Dogs (a place on Capitol Hill that I suggested we all go to sometime), Kornelija said, "We're going to have a long talk in car." I said, "Do you mean, the car?" Gabriel said "Hey!" and punched me in the shoulder. (Not very hard. I'm not going to press charges. He's committed worse offenses, like growing a porn star mustache.) I just figured I'd speed the process up a little: now Kornelija's gotten a true taste of what it's like to know Matthew.

As they were leaving, Kornelija said, "It was nice seeing you." Then she asked if she said that right. I said, "Yes. If you hadn't, I would have corrected you!"

Gabriel also has an issue with hanging out with only socks on his feet. (Gabriel has lots of issues.) He apparently couldn't take it anymore and so he rather dramatically whipped the socks off his feet and tossed them over to the wall in the living room. Later he also freaked out because he put his hand in some oil I had not realized got on the counter when I made my waffles this morning. He really needs to get a grip.

I gave him the bottle of wine I got him for Christmas, by asking for a free bottle from Jeff at work last month. I only just happened to see where I had set it on the floor in the bedroom while I was on the phone with him. He was genuinely appreciative. Jeff insisted it was "good shit."

Now they're gone. In less than an hour, susandennis will pick me up to go out to dinner before seeing Spring Awakening at Balagan Theatre, which has changed location since Shobhit last worked with them but they're still on Capitol Hill.

But what about last night, you say? You're dying to know what I did last night! Take a deep breath. I'm going to tell you now. Laney and her friend Ev from the Women's Chorus came over to watch Gone with the Wind in the Braeburn Theatre. She said she hadn't seen it since she was about ten. I guess, in retrospect, that makes it make slightly more sense that she had also never seen the Carol Burnett sketch parodying it, which amazed me when she told me.

She asked me when I last watched this movie, and I said, "Last January." It was for Gone with the Wind Bowl at Susan's place. Woops! I guess I lied -- it wasn't January, but rather, February 6. My mistake.

This was, however, the largest screen I had ever seen Gone with the Wind on, so that was fun. And some of the cracks Laney made were pretty funny. Like when Scarlett and her friends are all catty and gossiping near the beginning of the film, and Laney said, "It's like break time at the Women's Chorus!" Okay, maybe you had to be there.

The movie is four hours long, so by the time it was over, Laney and Bev were clearly more than ready to head out, and post-movie conversation was at a fair minimum. I cleaned up the popcorn I made in the popcorn machine -- my first time using it; Barbara always made the popcorn in the past. It was almost shockingly easy, though, so I think I'll make it for all four Fridays for Harry Potter Double Features that I have scheduled for March. Laney also brought some snacks, so I got plenty of crap to eat last night. At least I was only barely above 141 lbs this morning, and all things considered, that's not bad at all.

There was a few minutes after the movie devoted to giving Ev the Cliff's Notes version of Boobgate -- because Ev had asked if I was in a chorus, which led to her wanting to know why I left SLGC. Well, Boobgate is the answer. The SLGC disbanded within a year after my departure, so I like to say that I left and then everything fell apart.

We got to talking about my writing things that offend people, and Laney mentioned something she never told me before: that very early on, I posted something about being at a table with her and none of the people at that table having anything interesting to say. I had no recollection of this, and because I'm so obsessive, I spent a large amount of time this morning scouring through old post to try and find what she was talking about. But I couldn't find it. Oh well. In any case, Laney said she got over it quickly, and she knows me well enough now that if I said something like it, she'd just blow it off.

That's what friends are for, isn't it?

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